10 Truths on Having a Toddler & a Baby

Hi everybody!

Hope that you all are well on this busy busy Monday, with Mothers Day this weekend, I thought I would fast forward a bit and share some insight into what you learn when you have 2 children under the age of 3, enjoy 🙂

1.) Sleep becomes a foreign concept

I remember, in days gone by, long ago, in my youth, where I would wake up at 10am in the morning, roll over and continue to sleep till past 1pm, ah, those were the days. Now my kids feel the need to discuss the existentialism of life at 4am in the morning, with my eyes being forced open to join in the conversation.

2.) Someone is always hungry

Like seriously, why do we need to eat 3 times for the day?!?! I find myself either planning what to eat, or standing in front of the kitchen cupboards hoping that my lost magical skills would kick in and meals would make themselves. Not forgetting that I myself need to eat otherwise Dumpling wants to breastfeed constantly. Case in point, Saturday evening when I realized that all I had to eat for the day were 3 hasty bites of a boerewors roll slathered in tomato sauce mmm….

3.) Cleaning becomes obsolete

Picture how clean your house was before you had your first child? Now remember when you had to drop your standard of cleaning after you had your first child? Got it? Now drop that standard even further with a second child, because there is just not enough time or energy to clean up day and still keep your sanity. It’s either one or the other.

4.) Laundry Days? More like Everyday’s Laundry Day

I seriously do a happy dance for those 5min where my laundry baskets are empty, those sweet sweet moments when the dirty laundry baskets are empty, the chair that holds all my clean laundry is empty and the… ah dammit! The baskets are full again.

5.) You will hide away your good snacks

As a kid I would scold at my mom whenever we visited her at work, because she always had a “luxury drawer” that we were never privy to. Now I understand completely, because Cupcake will ignore me calling him, but just let me open a pack of Oreos and he comes running with an outstretched hand and says, “and me!!”

6.) Everyone will cry

I remember those first few days at home, my nanny had just quit, Superman had gone back to work and I had just finished my pain meds. It was overwhelming to say the least, at one point all 3 of us were crying and there were days after when it happened again. I feel that there is absolutely nothing wrong with that and the fact that my amazing family stepped in to assist me, and still step in, has helped me in more ways than one.

7.) Something is going to give

Balancing a baby and a toddler is definitely a juggling act, both need attention and sometimes to varying degrees. Something is bound to give, your toddler might throw a tantrum because you can’t play with him at the same moment that your baby needs you and that is okay, you are only one person and the fact that you are at the very least trying, is more than enough. I always try to spend a little extra time with Cupcake when Dumpling is sleeping, or we play together, doesn’t always happen, but we try.

8.) Couple time takes planning

In the first few months, it was practically impossible for Superman and I to spend any time together, then when I headed back to work, it was even more difficult. Any time spent together is well co-ordinated and planned lol. I will say that it has definitely made us laugh a lot more hahaha…

9.) Your kids will find a pattern

Its amazing but our family has finally found a rhythm, fair enough the song is out of tune some days but we have found a tune that works for us and I absolutely love it. Yes, it takes a helluva lot of preplanning from my end, but it works.

10.) Your heart will grow that much bigger

No, don’t worry, your heart will not physically enlarge and become a heart condition, but the amount of love that a toddler and a baby brings is insurmountable. And my life is that much sweeter and amazing for having them in it. J That makes all the downs worth every bloody moment.


Always with Love & Peace




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  1. Rolene says:

    Thank you for this great post! Together with the empty laundry basket I want to add that the same can be said about the sink without dishes.

    My toddler started to wake us up by saying “wakey wakey” and when my eyes are open he will smile and say “hallo mommy”… to sweet to be angry at 4 o’clock in the morning.

    1. DragonMommy says:

      Wait a moment?! You have a sink without dishes?! I thought that only happened in my dreams lol.

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