Part 2: The Joy of Pregnancy

Asalaams Everybody,

After posting on the amazing experience of finding out that I was with child, I thought I would move into the obvious next topic, my pregnancy.

Now as I mentioned, I had just started on a new construction site with a supervisor who was not the most understanding, however my immediate site manager had just recently become a dad himself. After verifying that I was indeed going to be a mommy, at 6 weeks tiny, I thought it best to let them know due to the nature of my work.

Fair enough I wasn’t doing physical labour, however the risks of being pregnant while walking on a construction site was just too real for me and I didn’t want to risk my baby for my job. My immediate site manager was quite happy for me when I explained that to him, but on the flip side, my supervisor was less than emphatic. To the extent that he told me to get a letter from my gynae to verify that I was indeed pregnant because he felt that, and I quote, I was too emotional to decide what I could and couldn’t do on site. (insert moment of me wanting to throw him with a hammer) Fortunately he resigned at the end of my first trimester so it was all uphill from there on the work front.

At about 12 weeks we went for our first official antenatal appointment, I had never been so nervous in my life, waiting in the waiting room with other mommys who were very clearly pregnant, I grasped Supermans hand ever tighter in anticipation to see Cupcake.

As I laid down on the medical bed, ever exposed, I heard the most magical sound ever from a tiny little bean, a heartbeat, fluttering away. Somewhere, in my taut body, a magical bean was growing, and I couldn’t wait to meet him.

For the first few weeks I acted more pregnant than someone who was pregnant, I was quite overly dramatic, until I realised that pregnancy wasn’t a sickness, I didn’t have to have morning sickness, or crazy cravings. My life could still go on as per normal, with the exception that I just needed to be a bit cautious for the safety of my baby.

I truly enjoyed watching my tummy grow, I felt so amazing and even though I was rushing to the bathroom at regular intervals to pee, it was the most beautiful experience.

From the get go I was absolutely certain that we were going to have a little boy, call it mothers intuition, I just knew. At the gender scan, our gynae took his time in showing that he had 10 teeny toes, 10 teeny fingers, 2 legs, 2 arms and look! His got a winkie! Lol! Superman burst out laughing at this point, I just smirked at hearing that I was right.

The first time I felt Cupcake move was at a wedding chatting to my mom, the music was playing, love was in the air, and I felt the tiniest little bubble deep in my body. From that moment onwards, I always felt this feeling of overflowing mirth with his every little movement.

We waited till about my second trimester before we bought any baby things, not to be over zealous. I was like a child in a candy store whenever I saw baby things, had it not been for Superman reigning me in, I think I would have gone crazy.

Being the OCD person that I am, I arranged my baby shower along with my closest family, but more of that later.

In my third trimester I had picked up 10kg since finding out that I was pregnant. All 10kg was in my front, like a little ball. Cupcake had become a ninja in my belly, using my bladder as a pillow (at this point I knew of every clean public bathroom in Cape Town) and my hair looked amazing.

I was still working, looking like a roly-poly on site, in my hard hat and safety boots. Keeping busy was definitely the best decision that I could have made in my pregnancy. The cravings were in full rage too, vinegary chip rolls with tomato sauce, mans meal pies and mcdonalds double cheese burgers. Even though I tried to eat healthy as much as possible, baby had other ideas.

At 37 weeks, my gynae told me that baby had dropped and I should expect him any day. At this stage babys nursery was painted & ready, our hospital bags were packed and at the door, and all information that Superman needed at the hospital was filled out in an envelope. I was so prepped for baby to come it was ridiculous.

At 38 weeks I went on Maternity leave, which felt like forever. I packed & repacked babys bags, cleaned house…and patiently waited.

But more of that in my next post.

With Love and Peace,



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  1. Celsey says:

    You planned your own baby shower???? I can’t say that I’m shocked. I know how cray cray you can be. . . I love reading about your journey. Makes me aware of some things I think I should do when that time comes.

    1. DragonMommy says:

      Much love to you Celsey!

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