2017 Here we come…

Happy New Year Everybody!!!!!

Ok, so I will be frank, the hiatus lasted a lot longer than I anticipated because 2016 ended in a bigger bang than I expected, but I am back and ready to tackle 2017 head on.

Last we spoke I was about to have Dumpling and pretty nervous for the prospect thereof. Needless to say the journey has been one hell of a roller coaster ride that I am sometimes too short to ride, lol but more of that later.

For New Years we decided to stay home (as always) and braaied with the family, Superman put on some Youtube karaoke videos and our quiet night in ended up being an all out karaoke session with Cupcake singing the loudest and being the entertainment of the evening. Dumpling on the other end slept through all that noise and singing which was the biggest shocker for me.

Superman and I have decided that 2017 is going to be the year of change and opportunity. I was asked what my new years resolution would be but I think I would rather make goals than resolutions to ensure that I don’t half-ass it. So here are a few of the personal goals that I am going to set for myself this year 🙂

1.) Set aside atleast 15min of Me time each night

This is more a carry over from last year as each night I have been just sitting and relaxing with a cup of decaf cappuccino to relax. Sounds silly but it has definitely helped me with being able to focus on everything by having this time to center myself.

2.) Start doing yoga

I started doing some prenatal yoga with Dumpling, but after developing some really terrible pelvic pain and just wanting to be lazy, I quit, hence this year being the year that I atleast partake in one physical activity that doesn’t involve work or house work.

3.) Learn how to ride a motorbike

Okay, so this one is a long time coming, I have always wanted to ride a motorbike, as in always, but my dad never wanted to teach me and neither did Superman for their own reasons. After enough bugging and being just a pain about it, Superman has relented and said that he would be willing to teach me. Yeay! My reason for wanting to do this now is that Superman owns one and considering the amount of time I spend on the road sometimes, a motorbike would be perfect to get through crazy Cape Town traffic.

4.) Be a Cape Town tourist

This holiday period has taught me that I seriously need to start exploring more of Cape Town as the common spots like the V & A Waterfront, Canal Walk, Sea Point, Camps Bay, etc are not really as fun as they use to be. So we will be spending this year unearthing some gems and sharing it with you. Especially since Cupcake is now of age to enjoy most places and wants to run and go crazy.

5.) Keep calm

Since Dumpling was added to our brood, I realized that I put too much pressure on myself when it comes to my kids. In the sense that I sometimes get a bit overwhelmed and then I start crying so the situation gets away from me. Fair enough its just been 7 weeks of adjusting with the concept of having 2 kids, but I have realized that things work out a lot easier when I’m not setting myself up to expect anything.

So there you have it, just a few goals that I have set for myself for 2017, and for you my beautiful readers, I wish you an amazing year ahead filled with happiness, endless amounts of joy, opportunities and smiles for days.

Always with Love and Peace




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