A letter to my Superman

Salaam Everybody,

Happy belated Fathers Day! I know that I am super late on this post, but I think my brain is somewhat resetting itself because I have been confusing dates and times, phew, had it not been for my trusty diary then I would be totally screwed with where I need to be in my daily life, lol. I have been contemplating writing this as I am not known for being big on the Public Displays of Affection, but I feel that if ever there was a need to show admiration to someone, then Superman deserved it through and through, so here goes….

“Dearest Superman,

I know that Father’s Day has passed, but I feel that you deserve an extra day because you deserve it. 

When Cupcake was born I would never have imagined how much things would change, let alone if I would be able to deal with it all, but your unwavering faith in me was what kept me going. Even those nights when I felt like the worst mother in the world, you would be the rock to support me through it.

I remember telling you once that people lied, there was no such thing as Motherly instinct because I wasn’t even sure if I was doing things right. You joked that they must have forgotten to give it to me at the hospital and I remember wanting to punch you for trying to be funny. (Side note: Your humor is what truly keeps me sane)

Our lives have changed, we are no longer able to just sit and gorge on junk food while lazing in all day to watch series/ Youtube, gone are the days where we could make spur of the moment decisions to just go out and catch a movie. However, in the same breathe, the fact that you see our lives as that much improved is what makes me appreciate you more. 

When I catch you and Cupcake playing ball in the yard so that I can grab a shower, or when the two of you are playing silly in the lounge, I say a silent prayer of thanks because it shows how much of an amazing dad you really are.

And what astounds me more is the fact that you still call me beautiful even when I have made little to no effort to get dressed, either because I’m too busy cleaning house, cooking or just haven’t gotten a chance to pull a brush through my hair. On second thought, I think we should get your glasses checked, I think your eyesight might be going,haha…

I know life has changed, and that you now have to share me with Cupcake, it is no longer just us, spontaneous couple moments have made way for planned couple moments, even hugs are shared because Cupcake will come running from the other room with his ever persistent, “no, no, no” when we hug too long, lol, but do not fret, for time moves so quickly, and before we know it, then Cupcake will not want to be home all the time, but instead will want to build a life of his own; and that’s okay.

For just knowing that I have you in my corner, gives me hope that I can accomplish anything and that Cupcake will turn out okay. 

Thank you for keeping the faith and for always teaching me that it sometimes takes a good heart to make the world a little less cruel and heartless.

Always with Love,


Dedicated to my own superhero, Superman <3

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  1. Chantelle says:

    This is a lovely dedication to your Superman and a big thumbs up to him for being a wonderful daddy to your cupcake.

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