After the Meltdown


Hi everybody,

I’m finally back online! It’s amazing how slow things are when the Wi-Fi is down, but fear not, I am back up until such time that Telkom decides to switch me off again.

So I wanted to do a bit of a follow up on my previous post as I think that Superman is definitely schooling me in the art of patience. The weekend after posting, Cupcake had yet another meltdown which inevitably resulted in me freaking out a bit as to how to handle it. Superman on the other hand was cool as ice; said tantrum was because he wanted us to open his water bottle so that he could throw the water out onto our bed. This was clearly not going to happen.

He cried, he begged but we calmly told him no because he was going to mess. This went on for about 20min, coupled with the fact that he was super exhausted, we ended up putting the bottle away and distracting him with cartoons. He eventually went to lie down, asked for his bottle, took a few sips and went to bed.

This resulted in me inevitably crying, such a cry baby I know; but to me it felt like mommies are supposed to stop the tears, not make them. However, I will definitely say that us putting our foot down (without any form of screaming or spanking) in a calm yet firm way, is starting to pay off.

I’m realising that establishing boundaries is going to end up being of greater benefit to Cupcake, even if it initially feels like I’m being mean. You see, we all need to be the mean mom sometimes, saying no is not a bad thing, establishing ground rules even better.

Think of it this way, a child guided will find the light on a darkened path. Ultimately, that is why I think Parenthood is the quintessential job of all times, as only your guidance can lead your child to victory.

So yes, Cupcake may give me the stink eye and think that I am the worst mommy for that few moments when I stop him from jumping off the bed and getting a concussion or from wanting to ride Catman, but in the end by teaching him the difference between right and wrong, I can have the slightest peace knowing that we are raising him to be an amazing human being.

Kudos to Superman though, because I am learning patience from him in so many ways it’s not even funny. He gets to be fun dad and then his still damn good looking, damn! So glad I put a ring on it ahahahaha….. Jokes aside, I take my hat off to single parents everywhere because they are definitely doing double work to ensure that their kids turn out amazing.

What toddler tips do you have to share for the terrible two’s?

Always with Love & Peace,



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