Baby Showers & why you should celebrate that birthday

Hi everyone!

Hope you all are sliding towards the holidays, tying up the last odd ends at work before going all festive! This year has been super tough and filled with so much change, that all I am really looking forward to is some good ole rest and relaxation. (As I say that out loud I realize that that is all dependent on how much rest my kids want *wishfulthinking*)

A while back I shared all the merriment around Dumplings first birthday, this also happened to coincide with me reading an article on Scary Mommy and the article itself coupled with a comment that someone made at Dumplings birthday got me thinking.

I love having little parties, whether it be for the boys, myself, Superman, or even getting involved in doing it for others. However, I know quite a few people who don’t, nothing wrong with that, however personally, I feel that sometimes all we need is to be celebrated to be made to feel a bit special so why not.

When I was pregnant with Cupcake, I envisioned the surprise baby shower I would have, I got giddy with excitement as within that year and the year thereafter, there were almost 5 other preggy moms with me 😊. From the time the WhatsApp groups were started to organise everything, the duties were delegated, I relished in all the excitement of helping to plan their surprise showers, even if it meant being heavily pregnant and rolling out marshmallow fondant to make bite-sized cupcakes lol.

So, when the time came closer to having Cupcake, I eagerly awaited mine but…. I realized that nothing was going to happen for me, and I kind of planned it all myself. To be fair, I had an amazing time, but I will be honest, it was a bit sad. Being the eldest with such a huge gap between me and the younger siblings, I felt bad for expecting them to have to throw me anything.

When I found out I was pregnant with Dumpling I tried a different approach, I waited…and waited….and waited…. I was 3 weeks shy of my due date when again, nothing, so I hustled to pull something together and tada! A Halloween themed shower 😊

Before everyone thinks this is me moaning about not having a baby shower let me explain, see, for me, it was never about the gifts or even the party, it was about being celebrated for carrying life. The thought that someone cares enough about me to take of their time to pull a group of other people who loved me together so that I can feel special. Although I never allowed it to make me feel crappy, I will admit, it did suck to plan my own showers.

So, when someone commented at Dumplings birthday that I make too much of a fuss for a first birthday I just smiled, yes, he may not remember, yes, he may not even remember his second, but even if it is just a birthday cake and some candles, we all deserve to feel special. We all deserve to feel like something special, whether it be for a baby shower, birthday, or even graduation.

And no, it is not about the presents, we all love presents OBVIOUSLY, but it is the presence of those who love us that matter the most.

So, the next time when you see me cutting out little boxes for popcorn, or painting costumes at 2am in the morning, please know that even though I look exhausted (tired panda is just my look now) I know that I am doing what I can to make my guys feel special 😊

*Note: This is by no means a rant, or maybe it is, I don’t know lol

Always with Love & Peace



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