Being a Mom of a Toddler & a Baby: 8 Month Update

Hi everyone,

After recovering from the birthday festivities I realized, snap, I haven’t posted anything about the boys in a while, so here’s just a little bit of the happenings since my last update:

Cupcake has started school and he absolutely loves it! I doubted it for a while but then I realized that I was being selfish, I think it was more because I can see how fast he is growing up and I just cannot deal. Like it is too soon, however after a trying first week of him crying & tugging at the door that I shouldn’t go, that following Monday he actually outran me to class, said bye and went on to play *insert mom tears*

I also love how open his school is to parent involvement, we are constantly getting updated on how they are doing and even get various workshops to integrate a form of learning at home, so that we can encourage our little ones to be more independent. Another plus is that the school has a zero tolerance for junk food *yeay* so no chances of Cupcake coming home buzzing on sugar, this is reserved for the class party only.

On another note, I realized that Cupcake is such a strong-willed and spirited young soul that I am going to constantly butt heads with him if I don’t learn to be patient. Actually, I need to because sometimes all he wants is to talk to me, but then I get so busy with my own thing that I don’t stop and just listen, am seriously working on my own focusing skills.

Dumpling on the other hand is a whole 34 weeks today, alghamdulilah! Where has time gone?!  My other high energy child *fun fact: my mom laughs when I say this because she tells me they are just like I was when I was their age, gee, thanks mom* he is now starting to want to move on his own, but not crawling, just rolling over and over because apparently that’s faster.

With it being Winter, it also means that we have been to the paediatrician more times than I would like, at one point everyone was sick in the house besides me *I refuse to get sick* so essentially they were just volleying their germs back and forth. From a cold to a chest infection, to an upper respiratory tract infection, to bronchiolitis, to the flu; I know we in a drought and we need the rain but damn, sick babies are no joke, but I will admit that the extra cuddles and snuggling was so awesome.

The boys are also starting to play together *happy dance* which has been such a delight to see. Cupcake has always tried, but now that Dumpling is older, his face lights up whenever Cupcake comes home from school, it is such an amazing sight to see. I will do my utmost to ensure that the bro code is always maintained and that they always have such an amazing brotherly bond. But with playtime comes the occasional misdemeanour, from Cupcake loving too much to Dumpling pulling too much *parenting is so much fun *SARCASM*

My final thoughts on having 2 kids under the age of 3: It is actually quite an adventure, yes I feel like a drill sergeant whenever we need to leave home, yes I think co-sleeping is now more me being a barrier so that they actually sleep and don’t play, and yes, I think my salary now only goes to putting food in their mouths and nappies on their butt, BUT, I wouldn’t swop it for anything in the world J The big smiles and hugs I get when they see me is something that money cannot buy and worth every sleepless night.

Always with Love & Peace




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