Being a Working-Mom-Student

Hi All!

Apologies for being MIA last week, but I was in such a tizz because…… I PASSED!!! *happydance* After a long, arduous journey, not to mention sleepless nights, I finally have my degree *ALGHAMDULILAH*

So here’s spreading some motivation on this cool Monday…..

As mentioned in my first post, I had just finished my National Diploma and had registered to do my Btech, starting January 2014, when I found out that I was pregnant with Cupcake.

Pretty accustomed to rushing to class after work and studying into the wee hours of the morning for the past 2 years *I had studied full-time and worked 2 jobs on the weekend for the previous 2 years*, I continued my studies regardless of my growing belly. It wasn’t until my third trimester that things started getting a bit harder.

I was unable to focus in class in the evening because I was just too exhausted, and preggy brains hit me hard. About a week prior to having Cupcake, I wrote my 3rd term exams, looking like a roley-poley and needing to pee every 10 min. I was so caught up in the new mom nostalgia, that I missed class and if it weren’t for the amazing lecturers that I had, then I would have missed out on a ton of notes in the 4th term.

Cupcake was about a month old when I wrote my 4th term exams and oh boy, was it so difficult to study. I will never forgot, before one exam that I was due to write, I was sitting up, breastfeeding Cupcake, drinking canberry juice, with my study notes strewn all around me at 3am in the morning. I looked like death warmed over when I went to write my exam that day, if it weren’t for Superman looking after Cupcake that day, I would have totally not been able to focus. However, during the exam, things got a little tricky, because Cupcake fed on demand and I had never been away from him before, they were pretty full by the time they said “You may commence with your exam!”.

It felt like I was smuggling tiny shards of rocks in my boobs when I finally put my pen down. Eina! On the plus side, I managed to express a full 120ml bottle for Cupcake, so yeay me!

Forward to 2015 which was the most emotionally, physically and mentally challenging year of my life. Cupcake was in a creche so I loathed leaving him, which meant that I was unable to attend class and studying with a baby was definitely something to get use to.

I just want to take this moment to thank Superman for being my rock, his support truly got me through it all and I am so thankful to him! *mwa mwa*

Most days before an exam I would rush to the library while Cupcake was at creche and I was able to get off from work, then study at night when Cupcake and Superman were asleep. If Cupcake woke up to feed, I would then feed him and rush back to study.

Then the #feesmustfall campaign threw a spanner in the works and I was only able to write exams in January. To say that we wrote in conditions that mimicked a prison is an understatement, a boiling hot air hangar was our venue, surrounded by bush and getting constant interruptions from rude invigilators, it was truly such a trying time for myself and my fellow students.

In the end, after having to do a reassessment for one of my subjects, I can thankfully say that the Long Walk to Freedom has reached its end – for now. Having to deal with being told that I am abandoning my son for a career, that I am selfish, and so many other things, which hurts and fills one with self doubt.

I may be a mom yes, but I am also me, I will always make every moment magical with Cupcake and Superman because they are my cheerleaders. They want me to be my best, so that I can give them my best. And it is their opinion that matters most to me.

So to all those mommys, well done! Keep doing what you do because only you can walk your journey.

Hope my story has managed to motivate and inspire 🙂

Always with Love & Peace




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