Boys will be boys is BS!

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Being a mom of just boys, there is a phrase that makes me want to literally just scratch my eyes out and climb walls, what is that beautiful phrase you ask?

BOYS WILL BE BOYS. *insert crazy screaming, table-flipping*

Now before you call for a straightjacket or tell me to hakuna my tatas, here’s why. You see, I think that this phrase is being used far too often as an excuse to exempt boys from being accountable for their actions, bear with me here, I’m not saying that all people use this phrase in that context, but unfortunately if you showing your boys that fighting is okay, that throwing things is okay, that being a terror is okay, then no, I don’t agree that owning a set of testicles is a reason to act like a dick. (Pun intended).

A big majority of people within my inner circle, family especially, feel that I am completely wrong in my thinking and that’s okay, but I feel that in today’s society, children should be children and they should be raised to be good decent human beings first, above all things. So no, I don’t think you teaching my son’s how to fight is funny, yes, they will need to learn how to defend themselves, but they first need to distinguish between right and wrong so that IF need be, they can.

And no, him throwing things at people is not him being a boy, he will learn to pick it up because it teaches him to respect things and look after them.

And no, I am not encouraging them to be heartbreakers because they will one day learn to protect the hearts of others insha-allah.

And hell no, I will not teach my boys to swear, cuss or any slang because it is not funny, those very words that are funny now, won’t be as funny when they say them to you when they are older, then you will turn around and tell me my children are disrespectful.

You see, I feel that parenting, in itself, is a huge test on its own, whether you raising only girls, only boys or a bit of both. But I feel that it is wrong to exempt children from responsibility for the entertainment of the adults around them. Isn’t that why we are the adults? They are our responsibility to guide, to teach, to show love, to teach them to distinguish between right and wrong.

We live in a society full of empowering women, teaching our daughters to be warriors, but our boys sometimes get the short end of the stick. They can only be walking sacks of testosterone who cannot control their hormones and are nothing but masculinity. That is BS!

Little boys give the best hugs, the best smiles, have the best laughs, can be the best of friends and show the most love, IF guided. It may not be a popular opinion but I think that if I can raise decent human beings then I have earned my parenting badge. 😊


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