Cupcakes Kung-Fu Panda 2nd Birthday!

Hi Everybody,

Hope that you all are doing fantastic on this Blue Monday, about 2 weeks ago Cupcake turned 2! Can you believe it?! I’m still in a bit of shock to think that my lil baby is already 2, like where oh where did the time go to?!

As Superman & I both come from significantly large families, we decided to have a small low key party with a few very close family and friends. Being the control freak that I am, I was on Google more often than I care to admit and the amount of ideas were starting to get out of control. So I had to start honing in on a few of them, just so that I would then be able to shift my focus on what to actually get and not the whole of Pinterest.

The birthday week started with a bang, with invitations sent out a month prior to Cupcakes birthday, I spent the entire week prepping and getting everything ready that I needed. And because I needed so much getting done, Murphy’s Law, Cupcake was struck with viral flu the night before his party. *Sigh* This meant that this mommy had to roll up her sleeves, put her head down and get things done. Had Superman and my sister not been there to help, then I would have been so totally screwed for time.

ThemeThe Theme: Cupcake loves Kungfu Panda, to say that I didn’t have anything to do with that would be a lie, BUT I do love themorals that come across in all 3 of the movies. So essentially the theme was a no brainer, we went with Chinese lanterns, streamers in Asian colors and did some Chinese take out boxes just to tie it all together.

Activities: The age group comprised of a few months old to 10, with the majority of them being under 4. Party games definitelyGiggly Jumpers Froggy set are not feasible for this age group, so instead we opted for a soft play set from Giggly Jumpers in Simon’s Town. Honestly the best service ever from Karen and her team! Not only were they there before the time, but they managed to setup and get the place ready in no time. Plus the kids had such a ball of a time that we had to actually start to wind them down when they came to collect otherwise they would have played on all weekend. I would honestly suggest checking out her Facebook page on, you will seriously not regret it.

Food: We tried to really use quite a few examples from the movie, but because it was also a kids party, we had to open the options a bit more. We had sticky toffee apples, choc & cream eclairs (in place of Po’s dumplings), a veggie dip plate, fruit platters, spring rolls and a few other party sweets to get things going.

Food table

The birthday cake: I initially wanted a panda cake for Cupcakes birthday, but as we had a budget to stick to, the Panda cake fell out of it unfortunately. So I made a decision that I was starting to regret at 2am the morning of Cupcakes birthday, that was to bake him a rainbow cake. I don’t usually bake big cakes because it usually ends in disaster, but I really wanted him to have something special. However with Cupcake not feeling well, the cake took a bit longer to finish, and my white chocolate buttercream icing was killing my arms. In all fairness, I think because everyone had left me to sleep by 1:30am that I was a bit miserable, however I will admit that this cake kicked my butt. In the end the sore arms and red eyes came through, yeay me!

Cupcake wore a panda hat and outfit that I painted to look like Po the Panda, while Superman and I just went with the colour theme *tired took control*. As he wasn’t feeling well, it took him quite some time to adjust and decide to play with his guests, but all in all, the party turned out to be a great success and the kids really enjoyed themselves! Especially since I got messages the following morning about how late they all slept, yeay, that’s a parenting win in itself lol!

To many more birthdays and to praying that my Cupcake grows up to be a more awesome person than he already is, because he purely lights up every life he touches.

Always with Love & Peace




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