First day at the grind :RECAP

Hello everyone!

Hope this finds you well, that your first day back at work went well, that the first day back to school went off without a hitch and that life is just treating you so awesomely!

This week thus far was a first for our little family, with Dumpling going to his carer, Cupcake going to school, me back at work and Superman starting his crazy work hours again; so I wanted to share how parenthood has been since we last spoke. πŸ™‚

Cupcake is now in a pre-RR class! I was so nervous when his teacher mentioned that he would be moving over to a new class that my stomach actually started turning. Luckily his school has very amazing techniques in place whereby they have been moving him for a few hours a day into a bigger class out from his toddler class to see how he fairs. It actually got to a point where the principal called Superman to tell him that Cupcake had promoted himself to the big class, lol! This also meant that in order for him to be there full-time, he needed to be potty trained. *gasp* I had all intention of potty training because I was so afraid of forcing the issue.

Needless to say, the day the school holidays began, I prepped, geared up to stay indoors for a few days and focused on the potty training *will have a blog post on this later* and alghamdulilah, today he is able to pee by himself and tell me when he needs to poop. On that note I think we need another bathroom in the house as Superman ain’t too happy on sharing his throne,lol.

Dumpling on the other hand is walking! I am so super proud of him because he was a bit scared initially, he would push a chair to get around, but the moment he got his bearings, boom! He was full on walking, or should I say brisk walking because he is so super fast. This also means that he is now able to scratch in more cupboards, climb onto furniture and just be super curious. Finally my 4 eyes come in handy teehehe…

Superman and I achieved our own little milestone, December marked 10 years of togetherness, that being 5 years of marriage, 2 years of being engaged and 3 years of wondering if we could stand each other. We’ve also started to focus a little more on us now that the boys are a little older, and not even in a big way, simple chats over coffee in the kitchen or sitting out back while one of us does the laundry and the kids are asleep.

As for me, I feel that 2017 was our families year for change (new school, new home, new job, new hairdo, new carers) then 2018 is the year for action, and I fully intend on putting that to fruition insha-allah.

So to many happy memories πŸ™‚

Always with Love & Peace



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