Gender Neutrality?

Hi All~

My greatest apologies for disappearing for such a long period of time, life got me by the nuts and I just had to go with it.

Hope that everyone is doing well and keeping snug with the insane weather that we’ve been having lately. Autumn is seriously like the middle child of mother nature, not hot enough for summer clothing, yet not cold enough for winter clothing, aargh!

With modern parenting comes new techniques and thinking, I don’t personally box myself into a particular category when it comes to being a parent, because the truth of the matter is that I am pretty much winging it as I go along. I know it may sound harsh but ultimately, that is parenting to me, as every child is different, so is every parent, there is no PERFECT parent.

But I digress, with modern parenting the term Gender Neutrality, turned out to be a pretty bigger deal than what I was anticipating. Boys no longer needed to wear blue and girls no longer needed to wear pink. Growing up as not the girliest of girls, I never felt that the colours I chose nor the clothing I chose to wear would determine my sexuality.

That being said, I love Cupcake in blue… well and white, but the latter is just wishful thinking on my part because chances of it staying white is zero. Also, I am not offended if someone were to buy him cars, or anything particularly “boyish” nor take offense if I do allow him to do things that are expected of most boys and here’s why.

I was raised with your typical girly things, dolls, tea sets, dresses, the color pink, etc. and today I am the most ungirly as can be. I work in construction, am in jeans ALL the time, and detest the color pink. Oh, and can I add that I still have no clue on how to blow dry my hair properly.

So why are we putting so much stock on minor things when we should just let kids be kids? If your son wants to play with tools, fine, if your daughter wants to play with make-up, yeay! It shouldn’t define them as they grow up, because amazingly enough, they will grow into their own personalities with or without our involvement.

If my son chooses to go into a profession that is not considered manly then I will still support him 100%, because we should be teaching them that regardless of what they choose to do with their lives, they should love it and it should make them happy.

So that they wake up everyday loving what they do. 🙂

Just my 5c on this wintery day,

Always with Love and Peace,



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