Guide to my Non-Parent Counterpart from a Parent

Good-morrow Good people!

Hope that you all are well and toasty J quite a few posts back, I mentioned how sorry I was for being that Know-it-All friend who gave parenting advice to my friends who were actually parents; yeah, I know, such a dick move.

Then it hit me; why not create a little guide with some tips for those friends who don’t have children on some basic etiquette when it comes to being around those with children from a parent’s perspective. So here we go….

1. You may NOT discipline my child

Ooookay, I’m jumping right in there, head first, all in. I have encountered this way too many times and it is not okay AT ALL. Look, I am well aware that my kid can be a monkey sometimes, but here’s the thing, this is my circus, I am the ringleader, and they are my monkeys. If he is acting up, yes, please tell him to stop, it is not okay to act like a jerk, but you many never yell at him, shout at him and never dare hit him ( I will punch you).

2. Please don’t tell me how to parent

I thought my kid would be the shining example because I had it all together, bwahahahahaha… (Let’s throw our heads back and laugh together) that was until I actually had kids. So no, you may not tell me how to raise my child, or even what I am doing wrong, nope, never (that card you get when you become a parent, so till then, that privilege is revoked from you.)

*Added note: Please also respect how I raise my kid, if I say he can’t do something, I have my reason, even if they are silly. So if I say he can’t have sugar late at night, I know why. If I say he can’t run barefoot, yep, I know why too.

3. You may not judge my parenting

In the presence of your own home? heck, judge me all you want. In front of me? Keep those thoughts to yourself. Look, I am not a perfect parent, not even in the least, but being judged by someone who is not a parent is way worse than being judged by someone who is a parent, why? Because a parent knows that this parenting gig is NOT easy.

4. You don’t need to pretend you love kids

Ok, so this one needs some explaining, see, some people actually love little kids and are really patient around them. Others, well, not so much, and that is okay, but if you truly don’t really like to be around them, then you seriously don’t need to put on an act that you do. Let me tell you why, because that mask is going to slip and then that same kid that you were cooing and faffing around is actually going to avoid you completely, and I won’t put my kids through that.

5. Do not encourage my kid to do wrong

So this one seems to be the norm amongst other parents as well, when they see a kid doing something wrong or naughty, instead of stopping it, they encourage it and laugh. Now here’s the deal, yes, I did mention that you may not discipline my kid, but if he is being a jerk, please do call him out and let me know, because I will not raise my kid to be an asshole, sorry, not my kid.

6. My kid is not a robot that just sits and follows orders

This one is more for younger babies, but even so, still relevant. Babies are ridiculously cute; especially when they just sit still and want to cuddle (I mean that baby smell should be illegal because it is that intoxicating). But once they get older, they are automatically deemed naughty because they can’t sit still. Fun fact, kids are not meant to sit still, they should run and play, and that is okay.

7. Please do NOT get involved when I talk to my child

Here’s the situation, the kids were playing, my kid took it too far, so I pull him aside to talk to him and let him know what he did was wrong and why. Please do not add in running commentary about him being naughty and that I should hit him, also please do not add in that I should just leave him. Again, trying to raise a decent human being takes lots of patience and steering, so you adding your notes, not really helpful at all.

8. And lastly, my kid isn’t perfect.

Sometimes he runs too fast, sometimes he plays too hard, heck, sometimes he is just too sweet that I literally just want to squeeze him, but he is my kid, and it is my responsibility to ensure that he turns out into a pretty awesome adult; even though he is already a pretty awesome kid.


Always with Love & Peace,




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