Healthy Weaning because why not?!

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Hope that you all are well, I am so behind in updates about the boys, but I can guarantee that there will be some amazing changes and updates from next month, so stay tuned 🙂

When it came time for Dumpling to start solids (he is 8 months old, like what?! When did that happen???) I knew straight away that I would go the same route that I did with Cupcake. What route you ask? Well, definitely using nutripaeds for guidance because it is just amazing.

Just some background information on nutripaeds, it is a group of amazing clinical dieticians, led by Kath Megaw, who are constantly updating their approach to nutrition so that we are able to introduce a healthy style of living to our babies, all the way up to our teenagers. The reason why I absolutely love this, is that it allows you to set up a healthy relationship with healthy food for your children which is the best foundation to build on. You can follow this link for more information on nutripaeds along with an amazing guideline and menu on how to introduce solids, a big plus is that it helps you with how to introduce foods that will reduce your childs risk of food allergies, such as eggs, nuts, fish, etc.

We started Dumpling off with vegetables and he absolutely LOVED IT! To ensure that his foods were all fresh, I steamed his veggies, pureed them and stored them in little plastic containers and popped them into the freezer. It does take some pre-planning and organising to ensure that your little one eats fresh organic produce, but it is definitely worth it.


The first time he had boiled egg he gagged, this freaked me out, but after trying again in smaller pieces he actually loved it too, we did the same with fish and will be trying peanut butter soon, yummy!

To encourage him feeding himself, and assist with itchy gums, I love the Hey Baby! Range of teething Image result for hey baby teething biscuitsbiscuits (Available at Clicks) because it not only is preservative free and less messy, but it practically melts in your mouth (yes, I love them too, don’t judge) so less chance of it getting all soggy, breaking off whole and becoming a choking hazard.

When he moved onto more texture, I introduced the Woolworths baby foods (all freshly made, no junk and sooooo delicious) and the Bumble’s range of foods (available at Clicks) when the produce got a sparce and limited.

Though Dumpling is not at that stage yet, I found that home cooked meals were the best bet to give my boys a healthy approach to eating.  And it does not mean that you are being elaborate or snooty, or full of crap (as someone once told me) but I feel that it is so important to create a love of good food early on to ensure that our little ones have stronger immune systems and an even stronger sense of being as a whole.

I have terrible eating habits, to me, a packet of mexican chilli simba chips on 4 slices of thickly buttered bread with a can of Coca-cola is considered lunch, or a box of cream crackers with Coca-cola, or 2 custard danishes with a vienna roll and Coca-cola ( I HAD a terrible love for Coca-cola). So why not put in the effort to give my kids a fighting chance? To me it is that much more worth it.

Not to mention benefiting my family as a whole, I now actually put more effort into eating better and less into eating crap (it is a work in progress though, but my overall well-being is grateful. Just by adding more colour and variety to our plates, has definitely helped to create some good habits with Cupcake, even by offering up fruit and vegetables instead of junk food, he now willingly prefers it over any junk food.

It does mean that we now very rarely keep junk foods in the house and have stopped buying gas soft drinks as a whole, but we have more so reaped the rewards thereof and actually feel quite sick when we do indulge in junk food.

Always with love & peace





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