Part 1: Where it All Began

Aslms everybody!

Every woman has certain milestones all thought out, the perfect proposal, the perfect wedding, the perfect pregnancy announcement? Uhm, not so much, according to youtube some women really put a lot of effort into it and I wanted to do the same. Well…..things didn’t turn out as planned.

Superman and I were still riding on the coat tails of wedded bliss, he had started a new job and I was finishing off my Diploma at university with the intention of working full-time the following year and studying part- time to complete my degree. After an amazing Summer 2014, seeing my brother-in-law marry his queen at an amazing wedding, then ziplining in Strand, life was just the ultimate party.

Time away from work was spent going for walks on the beach, or spending countless hours watching series/ Youtube *facepalm* not very proud of the latter lol. At  the end of January 2015, I started at a new construction site as a quantity surveyor and I was completely excited at the new venture that I was about to encounter. Needless to say that this venture came with a supervisor who was a complete and total ass.

I was also starting to feel a bit strange, just leaving it up to all the changes that were happening on the work front that I was oblivious to what was happening in my body. Then it happened, my period was late, which wasn’t a complete surprise to me as I was never on a regular cycle to begin with. So for curiosity sake, I bought a home pregnancy test that Friday after work, in my mind I was going to wait till the Saturday morning while Superman was still asleep (because the first pee is needed right?) then if it was positive then I was going to surprise him in bed with breakfast and tell him, if not, well then I would get back into bed and watch more Youtube.

As I got home that afternoon, the pregnancy test bugged me so much , that I’m sure it was burning a hole into my bag. 4pm became 5pm, and then because I am just so awesome at being patient (I’m not) I ran to the bathroom in my work clothes to pee on a stick. Lol, yes lets just leave it for what it is hey.

I sat, waiting , thinking maybe Im being a bit too overzealous? Then I thought, oh well, if I do find out now, I can just let him know in the morning ( again, not the best decision making I will admit).

The few moments that it took for the indicator to show that something(or nothing) was happening was the longest moment of my life. And there it was, two brightly lit solid lines, now one would think that I would be all emotional and crying? I spent all weekend in shock mind you.

Positive pregnancy test in hand, I called to Superman, who was working on his car at the time, and blurted out, “uhm, you going to be a daddy”. Big pregnancy announcement totally out the window, he grabbed me into a super big bear hug and that was that. No frills, no fireworks, just us, and if I could ever do it over I would do it the exact same way again.

We didn’t want to get too excited too soon, until it was official, so we went to the doctor on Saturday morning for another test, and BING! Yep, totally pregnant.

Telling our parents was strange though, mom and stepmom cried, dad and stepdad were very unshocked but happy (such guys hey) and Supermans parents were just happy. Telling the siblings resulted in hugs and kisses with fat jokes to follow but it didn’t bother me at all (cause I was still in shock remember)

So there we have it, my announcement may not have been Youtube worthy, but it was definitely a moment to remember.

 Thats all from me for now!

With Love & Peace









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