Honouring my sons on Mothers Day

Hi everyone,

Hope that everyone is doing great and fantastic! I decided to take a different approach on Mother’s day this year by instead celebrating my sons.

You see, lately our lives have become somewhat routine, which is amazing, but I feel like I am short changing them in some regards. As a person, I am all about precision and order, which drives Superman bonkers because he is so laid back he is practically horizontal. Whereas I will sometimes do things, to my own detriment, like insisting on doing everything with such precision that I forgot to loosen the reigns a bit.

Take Cupcake for example, since Dumpling has been born, it was as if though he grew into a big little boy overnight. He became so independent and I feel that I am sometimes too hard on him, forgetting that he himself is still trying to deal with himself and trying to figure life out. Everyone called him the “big brother” and I also wrongfully expected him to fall into that role, which was so wrong of me.

I see it in the little things he does, like wanting to snuggle against my back at night, running into my arms when I fetch him in the afternoon, and even, in his tantrums, the way he cries and wants to be held. You see, I forgot, prior to having Dumpling, Cupcake was our centre, our world revolved around him and we were only focused on him, now he has to share that and I haven’t always dealt with that in the best way. I’m big enough to admit, that was a mom fail on my part.

That being said, I have been trying a lot harder, to find the moment of laughter in the rush of the moment, even if it means pushing through the tiredness of the day. By making that extra time, I say this when the one thing I seem to be doing right every day is being late for work and drinking an excessive amount of coffee *can’t look face*

I realise that you can never love your children exactly equal, you love them differently, and they in turn need you differently. I have gotten so focused in wanting to raise good kids, that I forgot that I already have awesome kids.

Tantrums don’t mean that they are going to turn into bad people, nor does the odd act of defiance, my goodness, if that were the case, then I would make an awesome addition to an episode of Criminal Minds for being a psychopath.

So in honour of my sons, Cupcake, who is the sweetest little boy with the best cheeks and the best smile, whose beautiful innovative mind keeps astounding me in how he sees the world and figures things out, shukran for making me the proudest mom in the world.

To Dumpling, in all his squishiness and cuteness, who truly lives up to his name of being so patient and loving, shukran for making me the luckiest mom in the world.

I know that I will not always get this parenting story 100% right, heck, I doubt that’s even possible, but I promise you that I will never stop trying; because you have given me the biggest responsibility of my life, being your mom, and I will honour that Always…

Have a Happy Mothers day All 😍😘

Always with Love & Peace

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