I did my first Self-Defense Class and you should too

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By the time a woman has reached her 20’s, she will have fallen victim to violence or assault. Statistically according to a report by the TEARS organisation, about 45.6% of women in South Africa have experienced physical and sexual violence, compared to the 35% worldwide.

Sadly, this has become the societal norm and with Cape Town being ranked the rape capital of the world, this is even more scarier than we care to imagine. At age 13, I was grabbed by a group of men on my way home and carried, but managed to slip away, at age 15 a guy walked past me on my way home and grabbed my ass, at age 19 I had a guy try to grab me after I jumped into a taxi to escape him as he had me at gun point along with two other guys that were with him. These are the incidents I can remember, I don’t even want to delve into things that were said when I was pregnant.

With it being my birthday month, I looked into my skills toolbox and thought I wanted to add to it. An ad kept popping up on my Facebook feed for Women’s Self-defense classes in Observatory, but like most Facebook ads, I scrolled on. However, I was curious, as self-defense was something I always wanted to look in to, but just never did. #lazymuch

On initial contact, I was thoroughly impressed with the responses that I was getting from the trainer, Jay. The classes were explained thoroughly as well as providing careful insight into what I could expect. I missed my first class, as I had fainted that morning and was still struggling with an intense migraine, but managed to make it yesterday for my first class.

I won’t lie, I did not know what to expect. On arrival, the studio in Anson Street, was really neat, we filled out our indemnity forms and waited for the class to start. I took my sister along because I realized that this training would be beneficial for both of us.

Jay gave us a run down of what we would be doing and we started with some warm ups. It felt like my body got a jolt, lol, more so because I have been quite lazy this Winter. We then moved onto drills, I was afraid to punch too hard because knowing me, I would end up missing the pad and punch someone in the face *insert facepalm* but Jay assured me that it would be okay and once I started throwing my body weight into it and the punches started landing.

He taught us various combinations of punches, kicks and stances to help us get out of different situations. One situation in particular really shook both of us, Jay put us in a situation where we were being grabbed by our hair from the back, in a normal situation, you could think a way out. Yet being in the situation, your mind automatically kicks in to try to stop yourself from falling instead, which throws you off balance completely. He gave us a technique to get ourselves out of it and it really shifts the way you think in that particular scenario.

Overall, the class was really thorough for our first session, and not once did we feel uncomfortable or pushed too hard. We will definitely be returning for some follow-up classes and practicing some more in our own time. I enjoyed it so much I think I might just invest in a punching bag for my birthday. *throwing out some major hints* hehe…

I definitely recommend that all women attend this class, go in a group, or with a friend if you feel hesitant, but with the current climate of our country, these skills are essential. Women’s Self-Defense Classes in Observatory are thorough and soooo cost-effective at R100 per class on a Wednesday, I mean can you really put a price on knowing how to defend yourself?

Jay is also an amazing trainer, who really makes the class as comprehensive as possible without making you feel like you aren’t strong enough.

Also, I unfortunately ended up kicking him in the groin by mistake *I’m so sorry!!!!*

You can get in contact with them on their Facebook page


Or alternatively, visit their website at https://wsdo.co.za/

*Note: This is NOT a sponsored post, classes were/are paid for by myself, but I felt that this is such an important skill set that every women needs, especially in Cape Town, currently ranked the 15th most dangerous city in the world. Let that sink in and go book your class!

** If you want some insight into what went down, check out my latest instagram post to see me in action.




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