I had a night out & I’m NOT SORRY!

*see what I did there hehe…*

Hi everyone!

Hope that you all had an amazing weekend!

If you follow my Instagram you would see that a few weeks ago I attended the Justin Bieber concert. Now before I continue, I was never fond of the Biebs, but as of late, his music has really been so good and I really wanted to go to the concert but I felt soooooo guilty about leaving my kids to go to a concert, not to mention spending so much money, so I initially decided not to go.

I hardly go out on my own, because I work full-time, I prefer spending as much time with my boys as possible, because I know that I want to spend quality time with them when I’m not working or even seeing to things around the house. So, it is really strange for me to go out and have fun without them.

Superman on the other hand, thinks that I am crazy, because he knows I rarely go out, he actually sometimes needs to push me out the door (side note: he would never push me out the door away from the kids, I might just bash him lol)

About a week prior to the concert, I had a bit of FOMO, but I figured that it was ok, and life carried on. Then a close friend kept on reposting that she wanted to get rid of the tickets because she really did not want to go. I felt like the universe was trying to nudge me to go but I stood firm, that is until she called me that she would basically sell me the tickets at a ridiculous price just so that she wasn’t forced to go.

So I did what most people do when they are stuck in a conundrum….I phoned my mom.

At first my mom was mighty confused as to why I was calling, then she very seriously told me:

“My sweet, you are an amazing mom, you always put the kids first, I think that she should take the opportunity, I will take care of the kids, and you go enjoy yourself because you deserve it.”

I was still so caught up and overwhelmed that I called Superman who basically told me that he will buy me the tickets so I can go and that I should take my sister along as she had been sad that all her friends were going and she wasn’t.

Now if that isn’t the universe saying,”woman! Just go!” then I don’t know what is. I called my sister and told her that we were going and she kept texting me that I better not be joking,lol.

Then the universe through me a curveball, Dumpling had a high fever and was not feeling well. I called the paediatrician and told my sister that she might have to take someone else if Dumpling wasn’t feeling better. I called work to say I wasn’t coming in and then sat with Dumpling after we dropped Cupcake at school.

I swear, these kids are funny, the moment I got off the phone with the paed and work, Dumplings health started to look better, he went from being all flat to being fine, bar a runny nose. We still took him to his paed, turns out he had an Upper Respiratory Tract infection which he got from Dumpling aargh.

That afternoon my mom rushed us out the house to get done, Superman dropped us off at the concert, constantly reassuring me that the boys would be fine and that if they needed me they would call.

As we walked into the concert, I felt like a teen again! After nudging through the crowd, we found a perfect spot and waited for the opening act. I have never felt so carefree in such a long time, I literally danced till my calves were burning and it felt good. Sketchy Bongo came onto the stage and killed it, then Justin Bieber walked on and I screamed along with all the other fangirls.

Eagerly awaiting the Biebs
Eagerly awaiting the Biebs

My calves were burning and it felt good. Sketchy Bongo came onto the stage and killed it, then Justin Bieber walked on and I screamed along with all the other fangirls.

It was probably the most amazing concert that I have ever been to, bar it was the first concert, but it meant a lot more to me now, I sang along to every song, and when we left, felt so good and like every single stress just fell away.

When Superman picked us , I felt grateful for having this amazing man in my life who is already such an amazing dad but also such an amazing husband…

When I got home I felt so grateful for having my mom in my life, for supporting me always….

Oh, and not forgetting my sister who tolerates my craziness and sarcasm J

And then I felt so thankful for having my boys, they sometimes drive me nuts but my life wouldn’t be as blessed had it not been for them.

I’ts amazing, but that one night out, gave me the recharge to take on life, and I will not be saying SORRY, because now I have the energy to tell the world, I’LL SHOW YOU 😉

Always with Love & Light




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