Hi everyone!

I have been super busy in the last 2 weeks hence me being so quiet, but with good reason….


Before you all think that I am sitting at home in the lap of luxury, sipping espressos with my feet up, I am actually hitting the ground running at a new firm and ABSOLUTELY LOVING IT! But let me start at the beginning and give this all some context.

After coming back from maternity leave after having Dumpling, I returned to production on site and things were pretty normal, but something just didn’t feel right. My work basically just started back up from exactly where I left off, in those 4 months, my work just sat on a pile and waited for me. I don’t know about you all but to me that just didn’t feel right.

To be fair, I was with the company for 5 years as they were the ones who gave me the foot in the door into the construction industry, for which I will always be grateful, but I felt stagnant, like I had grown as much as I could with them and I my road with them had ended.

Having 2 kids as well, I realized that it was that much harder to work with a younger crowd who didn’t have kids, not to mention having to hustle as hard as when I started out in the industry because the site team was new. Being a woman in this industry is already as tough as it can be, when you on a construction site, pushing production and crunching numbers, it becomes that much harder because you are seen as an oddity, and I felt like I was just over it.

Yes, I loved site work, I loved seeing the building physically go up, pushing myself to walk on the deck (even though I am terrified of heights) and seeing new places, but I wasn’t happy. Every day became just a humdrum of go to work, work, and come home. Once it started affecting my psyche I knew that I needed to make a change because it started to affect my family.

Not one to do things willy nilly, I really had to sit and think, to decide on changing for my own personal wellbeing and do something that would make me happy again, because what’s the point in earning a salary but you miserable af?

During this time I received quite a few offers, but the thought of jumping ship was also quite daunting because I was lulled into a comfort zone and didn’t know if I would be able to cope at a new firm. I mustered up some courage and went into one interview (which shook me to my core because the director personally wanted to see me), which turned into a second interview, which turned into “now when can you start?”. I was in a tailspin of excitement and nervousness, but I knew it was time, when I handed in my resignation it felt like a sense of relief, like I no longer felt burdened and could actually be free again.

That last month flew, but I tried to tie up as much as I could before saying goodbye.

The new firm was a total shocker for me, especially since they were a lot smaller and were trusting me with so much responsibility, the difference though is that it already feels like home. Yes, the workload is more; yes, it’s a constant hustle; but I have amazing support from everyone here and it’s only been 2 weeks.

And how do I know it’s a good thing? I come home happy, my children are happy, Superman is happy and all feels right with the world again. I’m not saying its smooth sailing, but I am definitely enjoying the ride 😊

Always with Love & Peace




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  1. Brave move. All the best with your journey ahead. It’s tough sometimes to take the leap so I’m glad you took it.

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