I ran a 10km race WILLINGLY

Hi everyone!

If you follow me on Instagram then you will know that last week Sunday I ran my first 10km race! Yep, you read that completely correctly, I willingly signed myself up to do this, I was not coerced in any form or manner.

Just prior to having Cupcake, I was working in a really stressful environment, eating really badly, think deep fried and processed foods galore, now throw in some sleep deprivation and excessive chain smoking and you have a heart attack waiting to happen. That’s when I decided that enough was enough, so in 2013 I pulled myself towards myself and changed my lifestyle for the better.

One of the first steps I took was to start running, so twice a week, Superman and I would join our local running club and run for about an hour and a half. This was going really well, so well in fact that we signed up to do the Two Oceans Half Marathon in 2014. Unfortunately we missed the closing but still continued running, a few weeks later, I got an email stating that we had won 2 entries to do the half marathon as part of their draw, we were beyond excited.

However, at the same time I realized that my period was late and the day I needed to start marathon training, i found out I was pregnant with Cupcake. Needless to say I put my running shoes away until a later stage.

So at the beginning of the year, I started nagging my sisters to do the Spar 10km Womens Race with me, they all laughed, said we’ll see and then quickly changed the topic

. Fast forward to a few weeks after when they decided that maybe running would be a good idea, I hopped so fast onto getting entries just to ensure that none of them would back out, lol. *Sorry ladies*

A week before the race, I started doing some light training, running up and down stairs at work, running with buckets of water at home and chasing after the boys. [The last one is actually a normal activity in my home so it shouldn’t really count, but for the sake of argument, lets include it]

The evening before was a big family function we all had to attend, my sisters only then realized that we would actually be running the next day, I just kept telling them that we could do it and not to give in the nerves.

My stomach in knots, I picked everyone up at 6am that morning, nervously joking we drove to the venue and got there about 15min prior to the start of the race. People were there in droves!! Prams, bicycl

es, just so many spectators and participants for as far as the eye could see. As we moved to the start, we stretched and waited for the go. Those first few moments were like a rush and we all lost each other in the mass of people, my 18 year old sister and I managed to stick together for the whole race. The first incline was rough, Superman wasn’t able to strap my ankle that morning so as we started the cliimb, I could feel my ankle roll a bit, so we slowed pace a bit.

The entire race I felt like a ball of energy but the slight aches made me realize that I would do more harm than good to myself if I pushed too hard. As we neared the 5km mark, spectators motivating us, I felt a wave of wanting to tell them to please stop because I was tired.

My sisters

Pushing on to the 9km mark I felt a sense of urgency to push to the finish line, running into the stadium gave me a sense of renewed energy and my sister and I ran with the last bit of energy that we managed to pull from our big toes to the end. Crossing the line at 1 hour 32 min. The feeling of accomplishment so overwhelming that I felt able to run again *but realistically that wasn’t possible*

My sister, Naazihah, really helped motivate me throughout the race, and I would never have thought it possible to do it without her, so I am eternally grateful. After the race we all met up, danced a bit and went home, feeling both tired and elated. The following day brought the usual stiffness but also a feeling of immense accomplishment, who knows, maybe I should do this all the time 🙂 What do you think?

Have an awesome Easter all!


Always with Love & Peace




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