Kids School Confession

Aslms everyone!!

Jumuah Mubarak to you and yours on this very confusing Summer day, with hot temperatures and cold winds.

I have a confession to make….. I love that my kids are in school! Now before you wonder if its because I get to have some me time then nope, you are totally wrong. You see, now that Cupcake is at school, I feel like I have finally found my tribe.



Every morning I am greeted by parents who some, I don’t know personally, but will greet me with a smile, we will laugh and exchange pleasantries, or on days when the boys are a bit tantrummy, will offer some help or just an understanding nod.

Personally, that makes me feel like I am actually doing okay as a parent; because there are others going through the exact same thing and best of all, Cupcakes entire teacher support is of the best calibre that I have ever experienced.

I will even go so far as to mention how much I love being able to be involved in his schooling, from making things for class, to helping out or even just engaging with his classmates. I realized that I cannot keep my kids for myself, I need them to create their own little lives so that they can grow up to be the versions of themselves possible.

See, I love being a mom, and I just love that I get to be a part of their journey through life 🙂

Thus what better way than being able to engage in the start of their schooling careers. On the flipside I see how much my boys are flourishing, I see them wake up (albeit some mornings I am met with, “no mommy, no school” or the occasional freak out at school) I see how confident they are becoming within themselves to actually be okay without me.

Even Dumpling, in his littleness, with his carer, it is absolutely heartwarming to be able to engage with the people who love my children nearly as much as I do. The pictures that I get sent during the day or the videos of them laughing and giggling, just makes me feel proud in so many ways.

So yes, I really love that they are in school, and I am probably going to be the kind of mom that is involved in the PTA, at all their sports meets, fundraisers, etc. and yes, when they get into their teens they are going to say “omg, there’s my mom” but at the back of their minds, I know that they will appreciate it because that is what my mom always did for us and we are all eternally grateful.

Whether the boys make me a soccer mom, hockey mom, tennis mom, chess mom, or even rugby mom(although Im hoping not), I am in it completely to see my boys thrive in every way possible.

Always with Love & Peace



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