Lessons I’ve learnt from my 2 year old

Hi everybody!

Hope that you are keeping well in this very confusing weather that we’ve been having, feels like I’m caught between extreme Winter one day then extreme Summer the next. Apologies for not posting last week but I was down with a stomach bug coupled with some good old dehydration and a splash of flu, yeay! So I got as much rest as was allowed by Cupcake… that translates to not much at all.

My intention was to post a birthday post, but since I’m still working on it, I thought that I would share this one instead. My mother always told me that I should never squander the opportunity to learn, especially from children because they have the most open-eyed view of the world without any bias, that being said, I wanted to share the lessons that Cupcake has taught me over the past 2 years as well as their impending results.

1.) The ability to try new things

As I mentioned previously, motherhood has taught me to be privy to being my sons trash can, although with toddlerhood, that means that Cupcake has also started to eat EVERYTHING. He wants to try and taste everything purely because he can, and why shouldn’t I learn from that? I mean, so what if the cat food is in the cats bowl? How do I know that it won’t be the most amazing thing the culinary world will ever experience? Cupcake chews it like mentos and he loves it! (End result: I will not eat cat food, cat food is gross!)

2.) Pushing one’s limits

If I were a car, Cupcake would be the other car that would siphon out my petrol so that he could keep running; that is probably the best definition I can give to how much energy he always has. He wakes up full of beans and falls asleep with just as much energy. I have seen him run full force and ram into a door, fall down, say ouch, and then carry on running. (End result: I’m not as resilient, but I can definitely roll with it,lol)

3.) Fearlessness

I swear I have seen Cupcake do things that would literally make me squirm, from chewing on a gecko to running around full steam and just jumping off things like Evil Knieval! He truly knows no bounds, and to some extent, I have realised that as adults we become so hyper-cautious that we hold ourselves back without even attempting that which we fear that we wouldn’t be able to do. (End result: I am slowly but surely trying to get myself out of my comfort zone and just be willing to atleast try things before completely telling myself that I won’t be able to)

4.) Ability to kill with kindness

Cupcake has the type of face and charm that will fool anybody, to the extent that he once hid away in the tiny t-shirt cubicle beneath a mannequin, with my sister diligently following him, refused to come out, and yet the manager asked ME what I did for him to crawl in there with a big smile on her face. *SERIOUSLY?!* Then he crawls out all smug, lol, this child of mine, not forgetting to mention that he has all 6 grandparents of his snugly wrapped around his charm. His quite smart about it too, because even after a scolding, I once caught him out trying to keep a straight cross face but then he let slip and smiled at me, hehehe….. (End result: Doesn’t work in the grown up world, apparently I’m flirting *shocked face*)

5.) Ability to love freely

Having a toddler is equivalent to being on a rollercoaster ride that you are totally enjoying but is also making you want to lose your mind.  However, their ability to quickly bring a smile and happiness to even the most miserable of people is the most amazing sight to see. Even those moments when Cupcake makes me think “how on earth did I give rise to such a bugger?!” is easily changed over when he will stop what his doing, grab my face in both hands, kiss my nose and tell me, “Wuv you”. Then my mind switches over to, “How on earth did I have a kid that is so sweet?!”, its truly a ride that brings me the utmost joy whilst simultaneously making me want to hide in my cupboard with a box of Tinkies. (End result: My level of sarcasm has definitely started to dwindle)

Overall, I think if we took a moment to just watch their complete bewonderment with the world, that we are able to lose a bit of the clouded prejudice we pick up as time goes by and can truly just enjoy life for what it is.

What has your toddler taught you?

Always with Love & Peace,





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