Life in a Pandemic

March 2020, the world went topsy turvy. I remember sitting at my laptop, reading the article “First 2 positive coronavirus cases in South Africa”. I had been following the story for a while, reading global news had become a morning ritual at the time. Part of my brain was picturing this post-apocalyptic scene from a movie, and the other part was saying, “you’re being irrational”.

Fast forward to watching the news with my siblings, we had been laughing and joking, as they announced the national lockdown would commence the tension in the room became palpable. That was when it truly felt real.

Life in a pandemic was nothing like I pictured it would be, it wasn’t like in the movies, yes there were people running to stores to stock pile, some going to more extremes than most, but it taught me more than ever.

It has taught me to appreciate time, every single moment of every single day is a gift. With having lost family members and loved ones, the pandemic has forced a perspective shift to that which truly mattered. We spend our lives in this rat race chasing after things that won’t matter when we are no longer around. We slave away at jobs, sacrificing health and family, only to be replaced when we are no longer of use.

We realize now that it is not the celebrities or influencers who we need, but the teachers, doctors, emergency workers, cleaners, drivers, tradesmen, the ones who truly have to stand on the frontline are the ones who we desperately need. These very people are also afraid for their own families, as they brave each day, they put their own lives at risk so that many of us can get to our own jobs.

When learning switched to online, teachers had to jump into action to create lesson planners, activity packs at moments notice. Taking special note that not all teachers were equipped for this, doing zoom links from cell phones with iffy Wi-Fi connections. As a parent of 2 this was quite a task, but it made me appreciate all the efforts that teachers go through on a daily basis to ensure that our children are prepped on their educational journey.

As people started to work from home, essential workers needed to brave going outside with permits, afraid but needing to work for fear of losing their jobs.

As adults, this pandemic has taken an emotional toll on us all. We will all come out of this scarred in some form or manner but let us not forget the impact it has had on our children. They too have fears, they too are worried as they don face masks at school and can now no longer give their friend a hug. Each day I ask my kids what they learnt at school, for the first week my son repeated the covid protocol and my heart broke for him.

Lets all learn to be kinder, to our children, to our family, to our colleagues because even though we are all in this pandemic, we are not all in the same boat. Some of us are on luxury boats just waiting out the storm, some are on rafts barely hanging on but pushing through, while majority are in the water trying to catch onto the lifeline for fear of drowning.

Always with Love & Peace


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