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Hi everybody!

I have been AWOL for so long that I actually even felt like just quitting on this blog entirely, BUT, with so much happening in my personal life, I just didn’t even have a moment to breath at all, so I guess, lets start from one point and work our way up shall we.

Cupcake turned 3! We decided against a birthday party for him this year because of everything that is happening (I will share some more of that when the time is right 😊 ) instead opting for some family over for cake and tea, lets just say that the evening was a roaring success and we even ended up having a little guitar jamming session, with Cupcake on the tambourine lol.

Dumpling is almost a year!! Like when did that happen? Was he not born yesterday? That being said, he is growing at such a phenomenal rate, that I am seriously trying my utmost best to reap every single moment with him while he still thinks that I am cool lol.

On the work front, I feel like I was dropped into a shark infested ocean with cement shoes and a piece of meat, it really felt like I was drowning and was just making no headway out. It even got to a point where I thought that maybe I wasn’t cut out for the industry anymore, like I was in over my head. However my stubborn nature (or my tenacity as my mom says) I put my head down and worked at everything bit by bit till I was finally able to breath a bit. Needless to say I am not drowning anymore, but I am definitely in a lot more pressure than my previous work environment, and I have to say, I kinda enjoy the energy from being busy all the time.

In the same time, Superman & I celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary(love you babes) we got my mom to look after the kids while we enjoyed some rest and rejuvenation at the Cayenne Spa at the Pepper Club, not something that we have ever done, but considering that the last time we had date night was about a year ago, we felt that we deserved it.

Momming has been a bit challenging as of late too, with Cupcake becoming quite independent and wanting to do everything, I find myself sometimes too impatient with him. Especially in the morning since we are almost always late, it’s a battle of wits as he will test his boundaries and mine, I will admit, during these duals when I am sometimes really tired, then its especially difficult to see reason and I feel like just throwing a tantrum myself. Luckily Superman is the eye of reason during these times, and Cupcake is more than willing to be with his dad.

Dumpling on the other hand has found his voice, as he enters toddlerhood along with crawling, he now will spit food out that he doesn’t want, puts EVERYTHING in his mouth (I caught him eating a moth) and is so adamant at wanting to follow Cupcake everywhere, even if he is too small to be there.

I will say though, that managing them has become easier (ALGHAMDULILAH), before I would never dare to venture out alone with them, but now we have actually a little routine of popping into the shops early on the weekend, not to shop, but maybe to get some nibbles and groceries. It’s maybe not a proper outing, but to us its perfect, and then we enjoy an afternoon nap once we get back.

So there you have it, a bit of life lately and many more stories to come.

Always with Love & Peace,



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