Mom’s Don’t Judge Each Other

Hi all,

So I have been on a bit of a hiatus recently, hence me not posting for a week or so, as things at work have been so ridiculously busy and I did not want to post any half-done-hastily-written articles, nope, I will not do that to you.

However, that being said, I thought that I would write a post on a very common theme that seems to be doing the rounds more often these days. What theme you may ask? That of mothers judging other mothers.

Whether it be the age old debate of natural vs c-section? Breastfeeding vs formula? Or my new favorite, purees vs baby led weaning? Some topics are so sensitive these days on mommy forums, that the admin teams are forced to either stop the topic before it even begins or needing to delete posts.

Here’s the thing though, is there a mommy manual that I don’t know about? Because some mothers are so passionate in their stances that it just gets downright vile, and to me, that is the most scariest moment because the poor kids are the ones that bear the brunt of it.

So in the spirit of the festive season, and in celebrating life, lets leave all the judgement behind. We all live different lifestyles, by different means. Some of us can afford to feed our children strictly gluten free, wheat free, organic free, non-GMO products in BPA & HPA free crockery, whilst simultaneously able to pump out breastmilk by the gallon. Others are struggling to put food on the table as is and are grateful to even be able to give their child that packet of flings just to see the pure look of happiness on their faces.

At the end of the day, isn’t that what matters most? It’s never been about whose the best parent, or who has the best kid. Like every kid is different, so is every parent; and here’s another scary fact, you ARE going to make mistakes *gasp* and not even just one, quite a few of them.

Parenting is a beautiful and terrifying journey that we each ride on our own, by trial and error, without any rule books. Kids aren’t designed to be textbook, and that’s what makes them so special.

So before you judge another mom for holding their child on the back seat (maybe they can’t afford a car seat), or formula-feeding (maybe she  wasn’t able to breastfeed) or any other situation that makes you cringe. Look at the situation with an open heart, offer help if need be, but bare in mind, we all need support in some way or the other. So instead of pulling your nose up and judging another mom, smile, and acknowledge that you too know what its like to have a rough day.

It is only through spreading love and kindness with each other, that we can raise a generation of children who will grow up to be caring and responsible adults.

Till next time….

Always with love and peace.


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  1. I have always thought that the judging of moms, has more to do with our own fears of inadequacy than the fact that we actually think someone else is inadequate.

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