Motherhood, one destination, different journeys.

Salaam & Hello Everybody!

I have been wanting to write this post in a while, however I wanted to give you all a structured piece of writing instead of me just rambling. A while back I posted something on one of the mommy groups that I belong to on Facebook and I wanted to share that here as well.

When Cupcake started going to creche, it was probably one of the most difficult times for me; but in the same breathe, it opened my eyes up to another reality.

Each day I would drive past this squatter camp, and I normally just focus on the road to get to Cupcake so that we could get home, but this all started to change when I saw a little somebody at the side of the road.

Every day I would drive pass the most adorable little boy, playing outside in the dirt, he looked no older than a year or two, with the biggest and happiest smile on his face. Now you probably thinking, okay no big deal, but to me, I saw into it a bit more than that. I mean here was a little boy, who lived in a shack, playing in the dirt, with his parents proudly beaming over him, and he was just the happiest little soul there could ever be. He had not a care in the world; and to me that was so amazing.

Even when he would sit laughing with his mom on their makeshift stoep, you could change the background to the hills of Bishops Court and it would still be as lovely a moment because they always just beamed around each other.

How many times do we not sit complaining about not being able to eat take-out or throwing things away because they not in fashion? When here, in all its simplicity, was pure, untainted love and care. Fair enough, I do not know them or their story, but it truly does make ones heart swell to see such love.

And to me this is essentially what motherhood boils down to, its not about the toys we can give our kids, or the brands of food that we are able to buy them, just pure, no strings attached love which costs nothing.

So enough with beating ourselves up for not being able to materially spoil our kids, lets give them our time, our love, because ultimately, it is that that will ensure that they grow up to be awesome human beings.

I am especially sending this message out to those who constantly shame other mothers for not feeding their kids gluten free, vegan,non gmo, fat free, everything free foods, when the cold harsh reality is that so many already live way below the bread line that they cannot even afford the daily essentials.

At this point some may have stopped reading, but you know, there are too many children out there who need a loving heart over material gain. Not to mention the amount of parents who work their fingers numb to provide for their kids, so here’s me saying this, to all you parents out there, stressing about putting food on the table, worrying about keeping the roof over their families heads.


Yes, your kids may not be able to wear the latest trends but you are providing their basics as best as you can, and that says a lot! The fact that you put in extra love and effort for your kids are worth so much more and for that I salute you.

Children are amazing little souls and they deserve everything amazing in the world, and a hard-working parent, well, that is definitely amazing in my eyes.

Always with Love and Peace,




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