My Foodie Journey

Hi All!

Wishing you all a blessed weekend ahead and a Jumuah Mubarak to you and your families!

Today I wanted to focus on a topic that is very close to my heart (and my stomach)….FOOD! Yes, glorious food. Now here’s the strange bit about it all, I am the pickiest eater out there but I enjoy making food. So all in all, yes, I am pretty strange.

However, I was never always this into the kitchen, but I think as I got older and moved into my own place, I found solace in all the memories I had and could create through merely making food. I remember as a child, my mother would take us to visit her mom every Saturday, and I would get so excited to help my grandmother in the kitchen as she would prepare her koeksisters for the next day. Then Sunday mornings my cousins would wake me up super early, as my father’s mom also sold koeksisters every Sunday, then we would rush next door, in pajamas and all, and help my granny as people sat in the kitchen waiting while she prepared the hot sugar syrup and coated the koeksisters in its gooey goodness and rolled in coconut.

If I closed my eyes the smells alone would bring back so many memories, my granny baking biscuits for Eid which would leave your mouth watering as you decorated hertzoggies with jam and coconut, or as we cut up cherries and angelica for the butter biscuits. Then as we grew older, my dad making roast leg of lamb, my moms roast chicken, my stepmoms boeber, mmmmm…..they all signify one big factor in my life, and that is family, oh and let’s not forget my dad’s amazing vegetable soup!

The greatest drawing card to getting people together is food, because it is such a unifying aspect that breaks all boundaries; and that is the type of environment that I wanted to instill in my home the day I got married, so that when the little ones came along, they would be able to share in the same magic as we did.

Not to say that the first few times were great, I can remember an akhni I made that came out very soggy and that I had to dry out in the oven (epic fail), or the snowballs that just refused to rise (epic fail) and lets not forget the bread rolls that came out so hard that they were practically lethal (EPIC FAIL!!!!!).

But by consistently trying and tweaking, I can proudly say that I am getting better at it, and since Cupcake was born, I was also able to adjust many older traditional Malay recipes to make them somewhat healthier. Because we know, if there’s one thing that every Malay dish has, is excess of EVERYTHING. More butter, more sugar, more ,more, more….

However, I try not to change too much, like I recently made corned tongue for the first time which tasted amazing (if I may say so myself), and I am also willing to introduce some other cuisines into our home as well, just so that we have some variety.

I had a friend tell me that my instagram feed made her feel like a terrible mom, and I would like to assure her that that is definitely not the case. I post only my successful food attempts lol, but I have also started posting the food flops just to prove the amount of mistakes that happen in my kitchen. That’s not to say that we don’t like to indulge in junk food every now and then, oh boy, Wembley Roadhouse is a big win in our home, followed by Simply Asia, Kauai and the occasional Mcdonald’s cheese burger and fries when Im feeling terrible about feeling terrible. (Although I will admit that we don’t do Mcdonald’s as often anymore because we have more regret after eating it than anything else.#truestory)

So there you have it, food is definitely the binding factor in any home in my opinion, whether it is making a table just for us so that we can eat together, or going for sundowners on the beach with cold chicken and a toss salad.

Special moments come from simple pleasures, so why not let it come from that which makes us all happy.

Always with Love and Peace




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  1. Faz says:

    So. Here’s your challenge : recipe for a HEALTHY koeksister

    Jumua mubarak to you and yours too😊

    1. DragonMommy says:

      Challenge Accepted Faz! however, I will admit that koeksisters are my kryptonite, been trying for eons and I just can’t get it quite right. Bollas on the other hand, managed to sneak in 2 cups of bananas and dates, and it tastes amazing!

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