My Life with Son’s

Hi everybody,

Life has been so busy settling into my new work path that I have not even found time to write anything, so I decided, who needs sleep anyway? Lol

Since I now have son’s, I realize how slowly my life is changing, so like always, let’s make a list 😊

1.) Bodily noises are funny

Someone needs to explain this to me, because somehow, every time that Cupcake, Dumpling, or even Supeman farts, then they all erupt into laughter. Maybe I’m being durh, but how is that funny?

2.) I’m always making food

Those who know me, know that I don’t eat very much, I believe that you eat enough and that that is good enough. But these kos gangsters *read: food gangsters* are always hungry. If it’s not breakfast, it’s snack time, then lunch, then second snack, third snack and then supper. Ok, I am exaggerating a bit because I’m the one that has to make said food, but still, lol, although I am really grateful that they are okay to snack on carrots and cucumber, then I give them full proxy to go wild on the fruit and veg.

3.) Peaceful Sleep No More

So this one is pertinent to my boys but all 3 of them snore *dead-pan face*. Let me repeat that, ALL 3 OF THEM SNORE.

4.) Cars everywhere

I am all for kids playing with any toys, girls don’t need to just play with dolls, and boys don’t need to just play with cars, but by some magic, their toybox has all forms of transportation and they absolutely love it.*I must add though, that it hurts like a bitch to step on those tiny hot wheels*

5.) I see more blue

Again, I am no stickler for gender specific colours but yet, when I open the boys drawers, its blue in every shade and texture. Even Superman and I are leaning towards blue, because we recently repainted the interior of our house, and guess what colour we chose…….Igloo! Which is essentially blue with some grey in it.

6.) I now live in sneakers

To be fair, I was never one for heels, but these days, I live in my sneakers, purely because it makes me quicker on my feet. That way I can mission with them and not even break a sweat.

7.) I feel fitter than pre-pregnancy

I am practically surrounded by people who gym, run, etc. so the amount of invitations to join them are endless, not to say that I wouldn’t want to start doing some yoga again but I definitely feel a lot more fitter, especially since the boys are now older.

8.) They make me say “calm down” to myself a lot

Toddlers test the crap out of you, which is okay, because this is the age where they usually test their boundaries, that being said, I have been working on not reaching “Monster Mommy” level and instead focusing on being the calm in the storm when things get a bit crazy. Not always, but I realize that me telling Cupcake to be calm is more me telling myself to be calm……and then hiding in the cupboard to eat some chocolate and drink a cup of coffee.

9.) They give the best hugs

I don’t know about girls *obviously* but little boys give the best hugs, every single day when I pick them up, I am met with the best smiles followed by the most amazing little hugs that just erase every little bit of sucky-ness from my day. No matter how crap a day I’m having, their hugs just make everything right with the world.

Cupcake is also in this habit of randomly coming to me, giving me a kiss on my head and then continuing to play. Awwww…

10.) That undeniable brotherly bond

When I had Dumpling, my main concern was how they would get along. They have thus far turned my heart into a lump of marshmallow fluff with how sweet they are together. When Cupcake comes home from school, before he even has lunch, he will run to Dumpling, give him a forehead kiss and hug then run to eat. When Dumpling wakes up to see Cupcake, his entire face just lights up and he starts smiling. And at night, for some amazing reason, they hold hands in their sleep, and then lil me stands over them and whispers a prayer of thanks for how much they love each other, and to praying that their bond only gets stronger.


Always with Love & Peace



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