New Mommy Skills

Salaam & Hello everybody!

Happy Wednesday! šŸ™‚ Hope that you all are doing amazing as we slide on down to the weekend.

I realized that there are so many skills that we learn as new moms, that I thought it would be quite fun if I compiled a list of the most important skills that I was able to acquire within the first few months of being a mommy.

  1. Master of Multi-tasking (AKA M.O.M): This ability I learnt super early into parenthood and should be a total master of, however I do have my off days when I can only but deal with one thing at a time. I am able to juggle activities like its nobody’s business, pshhh…. I can change a nappy, answer the phone, have food on the stove while simultaneously trying to keep my pee in….like a boss. *Side note: To the outsider this looks just downright crazy*
  2. Ambidexterity: All my life I was right-handed, until I became a parent. Now the left-hand needs to work as well, whether it is holding baby while I stir my food or even needing to vacuum. God gave us two arms for a reason, even if they are being used for two different purposes at the same time.
  3. Swift Ninja like reflexes:Now I know some of you are thinking, what nonsense is this? I swear to you, these reflexes are your go to on a daily basis. Picture this, your sweet baby falls asleep on your arm, he/she unlatches from your boob/bottle, when that pee that you been holding in starts to build up. You need to get up, without disturbing baby, for fear of having to restart their bedtime routine, which, lets face it, neither of you are prepared for. You have two options, A:Cut off your arm (but you need it for skill 2) or B: slowly maneuvere your arm out in the longest painstaking minute of your life without peeing your pants. Another scenario, you need to get something out your baby’s nursery, but the floor creaks, so you mission impossible style your way into the room without a creak. #ninjaskills
  4. Misdirection: My lil one is now in the toddler stage where I cannot just grab something out of his hands without risking myself to a toddler meltdown. Hence, misdirection, so he thinks he really wants to hold onto the glass mug that Superman left out because I only asked him 10 times to take it to the kitchen, but instead, I offer him a wooden spoon and bowl so he can play drums for daddy while I take the mug to the kitchen *facepalm*
  5. Mcgyver Skills: Like Mcgyver, being a mom has taught me to make the most of the items around me in a time of need. Like the time Cupcake decided to get himself out of carseat while we were driving, there were absolutely no toys in the car to distract him for the last 10min till we got home. What did I do? Grabbed my brush out my bag and gave it to him, see, teaching him grooming and giving him a stick to play drums on the backseat. 1 win to me!
  6. The art of concealment: I am a junk food addict, and since I have really been trying to wean myself off it, I have been trying to introduce more vegetables to my family. That pasta sauce they just ate? filled with pureed root vegetable, the pancakes they scoffed down? Just made with bananas and egg, oh and that fried chicken? More like baked fried chicken, hehehe….
  7. Ability to function without sleep: Like the Russian Sleep Experiment, parenting is somewhat the same. Its a test to see how well you can function on as little sleep as possible whilst simultaneously trying to hold onto your sanity. I swear some days I think Cupcake has this petrol tank of energy hidden in the house, because he can keep me up all night, then wake up at 5am in the morning and go zooming around the house like someone on a sugar rush. Like really kid?! Mommy needs coffee first.
  8. Pure strength: For those who know me, I am quite a timid and easy going person. I hate confrontation and would rather be the bigger person instead of causing an argument; but when Cupcake was born, yeesh! I would take on the Queen if she had anything to say against my little one. You truly get this immense strength to want to protect your little one from anything anyone that may harm them, I cannot explain it, but it is the most empowering sense of strength to protect your family that is just so amazing.
  9. Unconditional Love: I previously mentioned how overwhelming it was when I saw Cupcake for the first time, the feeling of love that has you literally bursting at the seams. Even those moments when he does something that makes me want to scold at him, I still love him so much. Its such a different love to that between Superman and I,as Cupcake is really just a piece of my heart walking besides me.
  10. Pure Contentment: Lastly, I know some of you may wonder why this is a skill, but let me explain. I mentioned before how OCD I was and how not a morning person I was either, but having Cupcake has really given me a sense of peace to just enjoy every moment as it happens. That life doesnt need to be planned for every second of every day, his growing up so quickly that I don’t want to miss a thing. So what if the laundry is piled up, or if the house is not magazine clean, the chance to play with him or go running on the grass with him and Superman, kinda makes those other things less relevant.

So that’s my list on the mommy skills that I was able to acquire in my first year of mommyhood. What skills do you have?

Take care…Always with Love & Peace,







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