Our 4 Year Wedded Journey

Hi everyone,

It’s Thursday! Yippee! One would think that I would get over this mid week celebrating but alas, even though my weekends are just home bound, I look forward to them immensely!

Last week Superman and I celebrated our 4 year wedding anniversary! *hip,hip,hooray* to say that its only been 4 years seems a bit peculiar, because it truly feels like we have been together forever yet feels like we met yesterday. See? I told you it’s strange.

I haven’t really delved into our “How I met your mother” scenario on this blog just yet, so I thought I would do a bit of it today. I started at a new school for Grade 3 because my previous school only went until Grade 3 and then you usually had to transfer to a new school, my mom then decided to move my brother and I to a new school that went until Grade 7. I loved school – yes, I was that kid – so I always loved to make friends with everyone in class, even if I was the new girl. Superman happened to be one of those friends in my class.

Fun fact: Every class photo from Grade 3 – Grade 6, we always managed to end up standing next to each other, I kid you not.

Fast forward through high school, I had my heart broken more times to mention, up until the first year of uni when I decided that enough was enough and I was going to focus on my career and live in my big ass house with my 30 cats. *Dramatic much* Here’s the funny bit, I made a good friend at uni (his more like an annoying brother today) and we were randomly chatting about people when I mentioned Superman. Turns out this friend of mine and Superman played rugby together. It was June mid-semester break at this point when said friend was forward and asked Superman for his number at mosque one Friday for me *astaghfirullah,lol* and because I am just that curious I decided to call said number. The voice on the other end sounded nothing like the Superman I remembered *puberty, durh* and I put the phone down. I then got called back and it was in fact Superman (sounding super dreamy if I may admit so myself), cue the most awkward conversation in history, we decided to text instead for a bit.

Fast forward a few months to November, we had been texting and phoning each other, when he invited me over to a braai that he was having for his friends, needless to say it was a total disaster in my eyes. I was exhausted from working a double shift at work and was not in the most social of moods, so I thought it was a total bust.

On our second attempt to meet, that December we went for ice cream and officially started dating. <3 that was almost 9 years ago, and to say that it’s been anything like the movies portray it to be is just crazy. It’s that much more, I always expected my dream guy to like what I liked and we would be in a constant dream world with the music from “She’s All that” playing in the background, but it wasn’t. I was a nerdy academic, and Superman was a social rugby jock, turns out his a lot more nerdier than he cared to admit.

Getting to know each other was (and is) constant work and becomes that much harder when you married and share the same space. You start to realize that its not about being all in love all the time. It’s making those imperfect times perfect, like when Superman proposed to me even though we had sent out invites for our engagement already. It’s me rushing to the hospital from a 12 hour shift for the umpteenth time because he broke a thumb/shoulder/knee while playing rugby and we have to eat Mcdonald’s in the trauma section at Groote Schuur hospital (which is traumatic in itself). It’s us having an intimate wedding because we both students who didn’t want to burden our parents, it’s spending our first week as a married couple juggling studies, working shitty jobs and laughing about getting free pizza for supper, to me that beats having the movie romance over and over again.

I don’t know what the future may hold for us, but I do know that the present moments are worth treasuring, even when I want to choke him for leaving an empty milk carton in the fridge or when his upset with me for needing everything to be done “like now”. Cause to me, this is perfect and I am ever grateful to have such an example for Cupcake. 🙂

Here’s to many more my love,

Always with Love and Peace,



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