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Hi everyone,

Hope that you all are well in this rather confusing weather, I seem to be finding less time to blog than I would like with being on the road all the time, but I am definitely trying to be more consistent.

Back to the post!

Many people are really not sure of what I do for a living, hell, sometimes I’m not even sure of what I do. However, to simply put it, I procure documents and then assist with the pricing and estimating thereof. Pretty basic. This does also put me on the road quite a bit, as most projects requires me to physically see the site area so that we may accurately price for it.

Now this is where it gets amazing, most of the areas that we are required to inspect are sometimes really remote or quite far away from the City, with others being in parts of the City that I had never really seen before.

To go off on a slight tangent, I have mentioned before how sensitive I get when I see other parents with babies, and it just turns me into a whole sloppy emotional person when I see parents maybe out early having to take their kids to school in the rain, and being able to be on the road so often has given me quite a flipped perspective…. and here’s why.

I have realized that seeing children in maybe poorer circumstances, or sitting at clinics with their parents doesn’t mean that they are poorer off in life. I mean sure, they are not able to have the material things in life but they are maybe getting more of the necessary things in life that I may not even be able to give my little one. You see, children are not in need of our things, I see parents hustling everyday to put food on their tables, clothes on their children’s back, and you know what? Their kids are always happy, clean and so content.

Even when I see grandparents lovingly carry their grandchildren along so that they can maybe sit at the Civic centre to pay bills or even see the doctor, it doesn’t make them less loved at all. Instead, I think they are blessed with the ability to see hardwork firsthand, to see from a younger age the amount of love and care that parents have to sometimes make the difficult decision to place their in the care of others so that they can provide them with the basics. Because lets face it, we are all essentially just hustling each day to give our kids the best that we can.

Whether that be getting up earlier to ensure that you can spend time with them before you leave for work, taking them to school, managing a business from home, or even managing a home full time with no break. It is these sacrifices that humble me in ways that I cannot truly explain, that when I drive into townships and see little children on their mothers back being taken to daycare before their mothers go to work, or seeing them play outside in the mud, happy and free, it makes me thankful knowing that their are so many children out there getting the love that they need.

And I want to dedicate this post to those mommys, to those grandparents, who HUSTLE. Who give their kids their best because they deserve it, who work long hours, who sit and help with homework, who are studying to make a better life for themselves, who sacrifices sleep and having to run to catch public transport before the sun is out. You are special! You are amazing, and you are my inspiration!

Always with Love & Peace



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  1. Faz says:

    Needed to read this today. Thanks for the motivating post!

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