Our Weaning Story

Good Monday Everybody!

See what I did there? hehe.. Hope that everyone has had a restful weekend and is facing this week head on 🙂

Previously I mentioned how much I loved breastfeeding and my journey towards successfully doing so, especially since it did not come as naturally as one would hope.

Alas, that also meant that there would come a time when I would need to wean Cupcake off breastfeeding entirely and the thought alone had me terrified. Please don’t get me wrong, I understand that some mommy’s choose to breastfeed their little ones for a longer period of time, and that is amazing, however for me, it was starting to take a toll on my personal well-being. Hence the need for me to start looking after me so that I could be a better mommy.

The initial plan was to do it over the December holidays when I was home, needless to say that didn’t happen as the convenience of it trumped having to make a bottle everyday.

Then I fell quite ill about a month ago and was prescribed medication that I needed to take just to function properly, and after taking my first dose,I realized that Cupcake wouldn’t be able to breastfeed as then he would get quite ill. Thus started one of the hardest decisions that I was to make, to go cold turkey. Superman bought him a tin of Nido, and we offered him a bottle, which he finished with no problem at all. Our first victory for the night.

That night he patted my chest and I firmly told him no, while my heart broke on the inside, and gave him the Nido again, and just hugged him because he would usually wake up 5-6 times at night to drink, but not for long periods of time, more so for comfort. He woke up about 5 times that night, each time I would offer him the bottle, he would drink a small bit, I would hug him and then he would fall asleep. We hardly slept that night, but I also knew that I needed to be strong if I wanted to successfully wean him off breast milk.

The following morning we saw a rash start to form on his back, Cupcake had very sensitive skin and we realized it was the Nido that caused his rash. We quickly stopped the Nido, and replaced it with full cream  cows milk. He totally loved it! And I was secretly quite thankful as the Nido smelt horrible and I just wasn’t too comfortable with it in any event.

The second night went a bit easier, he woke up about twice, not wanting a bottle at all, then fell asleep soundly, another win in our favour. On the other end my boobs were getting quite full and they hurt like crazy. I would express for 30 sec just to make myself comfortable then carry on with my day. It took about 2 weeks for my boobs to empty and for me to feel normal again and not want to break my boobs off and wring them out.

On the third night the best thing ever happened, he slept right through the night!!!!!!! I was so shocked as his normal times are at 1:30am and 4:30am, but nothing. I woke up because it was such a part of my routine already and he was just sleeping soundly, smiling in his sleep.

It was truly such a bittersweet moment, as the one part meant that he was successfully weaned, and on the other end, my baby didn’t need me that much anymore, it made me feel so guilty that I was no longer able to breastfeed him and I felt like a terrible mother. That bond had now changed, but on the flip end of things, his bond with his dad started to grow. He no longer clinged to me, but actually wanted to spend time with his dad, and play with his dad, which was really heart-warming for me to see.

I think that every son can only but benefit from a loving relationship with his dad, because he will always have his mommy, but a dad can also give that extra love so that he can carry those lessons on when he is a dad one day.

Today marks 3 weeks since Cupcake has been weaned, and he now has new favourites, almond smoothies from Kauai, strawberry milkshake, and strawberry rooibos and chamomile tea, think I’m raising a little foodie 🙂

So definitely an accomplishment worth noting.

Always with Love & Peace






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