Part 1: Dumpling’s Birth Story

Hi everyone,

Hope that you are enjoying this very confusing weather, as I say this I am literally sitting in a container with a wide open door, wearing a jacket. #confusedmuch

Today I wanted to share Dumpling’s birth story while its still fresh in my mind, give it a bit longer and I am pretty sure that the mush I now call a brain will lose all the details of it.

With Dumpling I had a planned c-section so things that  were a lot more prepared than before. Although I expected him to come sooner than expected but nope, him kicking me in the groin everyday was just his way of showing how much he loves me. About a week prior to getting booked in, I was having terrible pelvic pain and rushed to the hospital, however after getting checked out I was just told that it was pinched muscles and that Dumpling was staying put.

My maternity leave had started about a week prior to my date and oh boy was I nervous, but in the same breath, so scared that I would not be able to love my new baby as much as I did Cupcake. So that entire week, I spent with Cupcake, whether it was crafting or just laying in bed watching cartoons, both Superman and I tried our utmost to spend as much time as possible with him.

I had packed and repacked my bag that entire week, double checking, triple checking to ensure that I had everything for Dumplings arrival. The hospital advised that I would need to book in the night before as I was to have my caesar that morning, that entire Tuesday I spent pacing up and down, unable to rest, we had arranged for Cupcake’s nanny to stay over that evening with him while Superman dropped me at the hospital.

That Tuesday felt like it took forever, as seconds felt like minutes, and minutes like hours. Superman had gone to work that day, so when he got home, I was already a ball of worry and tears. At about 8pm, I gave Cupcake last hugs and kisses, ran through the list of things that he needed with his nanny for the umpteenth time, Superman packed my bags in the car, and off we went, me bawling my eyes out like a baby. I think what made it worse was the fact that Cupcake waved me goodbye; like he was telling me in his littlest of ways that it was okay and that he was going to be okay.

Superman stopped at the garage to get me snacks before we got to the hospital, which I had half finished as we parked the car. Once we checked in, I was told to wash myself with antiseptic soap (Note: that soap is awesome! It literally takes off every possible bit of dirt on you, like for about 60 seconds you are completely germ free!!!)

Anywhoo, I digress, 🙂 I was booked into a room with another mom who was due to have her c-section about an hour after mine.Once I was all settled in, I rushed Superman home to get to Cupcake, then relaxed with the remainder of my snacks and the first Harry Potter book.

Unfortunately I was so nervous that I wasn’t able to sleep, coupled with the fact that my room mate snored like insanely loud! (Note: I’m sorry for outing you roomy 🙂 ) Oh, and not forgetting that I needed to pee every 30min, I am pretty sure that that was Dumplings last attempt at letting me get the most out of my pregnancy,lol.

6am rolled in, and I phoned Superman awake to ensure that he would be with me at 7am. I was already starving hungry (again!) ,had showered with the antiseptic soap for the second time and thus began the countdown to Dumplings arrival.

By 7am I was having a mini panic as my room mates husband had already arrived and Superman was STILL NOT THERE!!!! And to make matters worse, he wasn’t as answering his BLOODY PHONE!! The nurses had already had all my paperwork filled in and told me that they would wheel me in at 7:30am to get prepped in theatre. Cue me frantically phoning this husband of mine who I was ready to throttle (still no answer), and then he strolls in at 7:20am with not a care in the world aaaaargh!!

If there were a time that I did not need to freak out, that would have been the time, but according to Superman, he was neither early nor late. (Note: Can you believe this guy?! Wanting to quote Gandalf at this time!!)

Once wheeled into the waiting area, I was told that my gynae too was stuck in traffic( major aaargh!!!!) after nervously waiting till 8am, I was finally wheeled into theatre. With a bismillah in my heart, I kept praying that Allah would guide everyone in the room to safely bring my baby into the world.

Superman was told to put on scrubs and he sat by my side, I was given a spinal block which was the most painful experience at that time, and this is coming from someone who has zero issues with needles. As my body slowly started to feel numb, they put the screen up and began.

This felt like forever, and I think at one moment the spinal block must have worked too well as then it felt like I was about to have a heart attack, my chest felt heavy and I was struggling to breathe, it was at this moment when I felt the tugging and pulling and with not even a sound, Dumpling was brought into the world.

That silence shook me because it was as if though the entire theatre went quiet, then panic set in, “was my baby okay?” “why isn’t anybody saying anything?””please tell me his okay!” and then, as if though he could read my mind, Dumpling let out the tiniest cry and all was right with the world.

His pediatrician let me know that he was a healthy 3.34kg, and when I held him, he was just the softest and amazing feeling ever. Superman went with Dumpling so that they could check him while I was being closed up.

When they put him on my chest for the first time, he latched like a trooper! It was probably already the biggest accomplishment for me, considering the struggle I had the first time around….. and that’s when I realized, I was officially a MOM OF TWO 🙂

So what happens next? Well, he gets to meet his big brother! More of that next week…. Till then,

Always with Love & Peace



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