Part 2: When Cupcake Met Dumpling

Hi everyone!

I am finally up & running after my laptop crashed, did anybody catch the pigeons I was sending out? No? Ah, must be those lazy pigeons who give up halfway,lol. Hope that you all are amazing and ready for my next blog post.

Where I last left off, Dumpling was born and I was finally resting in the hospital ward. Before going in, I  had carefully planned to have Cupcake only visit me on my second night in hospital so that I could have a chance to recover when he got there. Since Dumpling was so restful, Superman decided to pick my mom up after he had gone home to rest before coming to the hospital with Cupcake so that he could meet his little brother.

I planned it out so carefully in my head, Dumpling would be laying in the crib next to me, Cupcake would come in and my family would enjoy a loving moment as a family of 4. Urgh, nope life never works out that way.

It was a few minutes before visiting, Dumpling had just had a feed, was laying on my chest and I was anxiously awaiting Cupcake. Thinking I still had a few minutes before his arrival, I kept Dumpling on my chest just as Cupcake took the corner into the room with Superman.

You know that feeling of betrayal that you felt when you saw your crush with someone else?  That heart-shattering moment of betrayal as you saw another person laying on the chest of YOUR mommy! Cupcake looked completely devastated when he saw me and refused to even hug me.

I placed Dumpling in his crib so that I could hold Cupcake but he refused to come close to me, clutching ever tighter to Superman. That entire hour and a half, he just kept avoiding me and stared at Dumpling.

When it was time to go home, Superman greeted me and he gave me a half-hearted kiss on my cheek, I think that’s when he realized that he spent all that time being upset with me instead of spending time with me that as soon as they left the ward, he started crying. “mimi!!! mimi!!! mimi!!”

*Cupcake use to call me Mimi instead of Mommy 🙂

Knowing full well that he was okay, him shouting after me had me in tears because I knew I couldn’t run after him but I also wanted to comfort him because it was probably the most heartsore cry I have ever heard.

My mom later told me that he cried all the way from the ward to the car, then when he got into the car, he wouldn’t even eat Pringles (which he loves) because he was so heartbroken.

The following day went a bit easier, he eagerly came to sit next to me in the bed, marvelled at Dumpling and even shared his smarties with me.

I never realized how many emotions one would go through once you have two children, since then it has been the most trying time ever, but it has also been the most rewarding feeling ever, Cupcake has turned into the most amazing little big brother and Dumpling adores him.

So there you have it, the day I became a mom of 2 and my started my new journey of mamahood 🙂

Always with Love & Peace




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