Part 3: Countdown to Labour

Hi Everybody,

Ok, so following my previous article, at about 38 weeks pregnant I was going for gynae appointments on an almost weekly basis. At exactly 38 weeks, on a Monday morning, Cupcake was lying locked and ready to enter the world but nothing was happening, so my gynae, in a very nonchalant manner, tells Superman and me that I was booked for an induction that following week.

If ever there was a time that I had a huh moment, then it was then, I mean it was all basically down to nature to run its course, and here he was telling me that on the 17th September 2014, I was to come to the hospital and be induced.  I think it was at that moment that the rose tinted glasses came off and I realised that things were about to get pretty real.

Chatting to my mom & stepmom, I was told that chemical induction was not the most pleasant experience in the world. This led me into a total head spin because I did not want to be stuck in a hospital ward and wait to go into labour. Nope, not me, not going to happen.

So I did what most people do when they are in my situation, visit GOOGLE! And obviously, when you search, “way to naturally induce labour”, then you get the craziest antics ever. So I did the things that I assumed would be most effective, like drinking pure mango juice and walked A LOT. Plus, my gym ball and doing kegels helped so much, let me not forget to add that at this point I was feeling like a lil elephant and walking like a penguin. However, I was completely determined that Cupcake would come in his own time and not because the hospital said he had to.

On the other end of the scenario, my in laws were also due to return to teaching in the Middle East at this time and they were really hoping that Cupcake would make an appearance before they left, him being their first grandson and all.

Saturday, 13th September 2014, Superman, his brothers and I went to the airport to say goodbye to his parents as they left to go back to teaching in the Middle East, bit sad that Cupcake was still snuggly in my belly, I was beginning to think he was going to make us wait purely because we were all too excited.

On our way home from the airport, we decided to stop at McDonalds for their morning breakfast of processed cheese on an egg mcMuffin (yeah, yeah, don’t judge me) and some orange juice. Superman was due to work that day, which he wasn’t too happy about, and I slipped back into my jammies to get into bed and watch some YouTube.

And as on cue, once I got comfortable I needed to pee. So up I got and off to the bathroom I trotted, then I froze, I had my bloody show. Ice cold veins and all, I immediately phoned Superman to tell him, the funniest bit was that he forgot to put his phone down after I told him, note, he works in an office with just the male variety. In the background all I heard was, “guys!! It’s happening!! I need to go!! I need to go!!”

Aww man, even in my freaked out moment I just had to admire how cute that was.

Superman got him in a flash and grabbed my bags and was half bustling me out the door when I phoned the labour ward to tell them to expect me, only to be told I don’t need to worry because I had no pain yet. *insert sound of pacman dying* All our excitement for nothing, luckily Superman decided to wait at home in case anything happened, and yep, you guessed it, the YouTube channel was back on.

Sunday morning, still some show but no pain yet, sigh, Cupcake was really enjoying making us wait I’m sure. So Superman and I rang up his brother (whose wife was also expecting) and we decided to venture outside instead of just sitting and waiting for something to happen. At this point I was getting this odd sensation in my back, but didn’t think too much of it.

Luckily, my sister in law was craving mcds as much as I was, so guess what we had for supper (yep, double cheeseburgers!!) Watching the Deliveryman, eating mcds, yep, this was the most relaxing night ever.

We got home around 10:30pm that evening; I jumped into a quick shower before bed and then that odd sensation in my back, started moving forward. That’s when Superman started jotting the time down, it was a weird sort of pain though, like a wave ebbing and flowing. It rose to a point then disappeared as soon as it came. Every time a bit stronger than the previous time, yep, my contractions had officially started, it was game on.

By 1:30am, it had progressed to 3 contractions every 10min. The first person I rang up was my mom, she didn’t even need any explaining to do, she sounded like a secret agent on the phone, “is it time?” she asked, Lol.

At this time I was slowly just breathing through it, Superman hurriedly packed my bags in the car, I said goodbye to my furbabies and off we went…. To the labour ward.

What happens next? Well, you going to have to wait till my next post to read more,


With Love and Peace,

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