Part 6: Coming Home

Asalaamualaykum Everybody!!

Hoping that you all have been doing really well with this amazing weather that we’ve been having, today I wanted to follow up on my mommy journey.

So we left off with me leaving the hospital, Cupcake in my arms, filled with a great mixture of emotions; I was unsure of the journey that lay ahead.

We got home that Thursday afternoon and I felt completely unsure of my environment. Technically speaking, the house was sorted for Cupcakes arrival. His crib was beautifully made, I had a nappy changing station armed and ready, and it was all systems go. But emotionally, everything was totally not ready for me.

Those first few days I was in a bit of panic, thinking that I was never going to sleep again as Cupcake would wake up every so often to feed, I was struggling to breastfeed and I just couldn’t bring myself to leave my bedroom for a moment. To say that I was hyper sensitive is an understatement.

I then decided to do something that is considered ridiculously rude in most circles, I asked all family and friends NOT to visit us for that first weekend *gasp* now before you get all judge-y, let me explain the reason why.

Usually after someone has a baby then everyone wants to see baby and visit, which is okay, but I felt that we (Superman & I) needed this time most to acquaint ourselves with Cupcake and to really settle into the fact that we were now parents.

Needless to say there were quite a few family members who weren’t too happy with me, but my parents backing me up was all that I needed. That weekend alone with just Superman, Cupcake and I was the best first weekend that we could ever have had as a family. We took that time to understand how to work together as a team, not to say that we aren’t still learning, because we definitely are. However, it allowed us to settle in together, so that when we were inundated with visitors, it was less overwhelming for both of us and we knew how to deal with things.

It was really hard to ask everyone not to visit as I am not a confrontational person at all, so to actually stand my ground was quite different.

That served as the turning point in my own life too, as it also made it a lot easier for me to stand up for Cupcake, as I would soon realise, that he needed Superman and I most to stand up for him.

How did you go about things when you got home from the hospital? I would love to hear your stories!

Always with Love & Peace,



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