Potty Training is Fun

Asalaams everyone!

Its the weekend and I am so super stoked that we actually have plans that don’t revolve around cleaning or laundry. *happy dance*

I promised to blog about my potty training journey with Cupcake, so here goes. Towards the end of last year, just as Cupcake was turning 3, his class teacher was telling me how well he was progressing in class, he had so many friends….and he also promoted himself to the older class *facepalm* you see, he was in a toddler class, the older class were where all the big kids were. It was also where you move to once you are potty trained.

To my defense, I obviously did not want him in nappies forever, that being said, I also did not want to pressurize him into using the toilet or do a half-assed job of it, because I had a friend whose lil one sat with compacted bowels and had to be hospitalized, and I was in no shape or form willing to do that to my son.

At the end of the year we were told that he is completely ready to move to a new class, but he needed to be potty trained. Thus, game time for me. As I am home for builders break in December, I decided that we would start from the get go. I however forgot that it coincided with my brother getting married so we stalled out for 2 days.

Day 1 was….messy. We sat him down and explained that he would need to pee in the potty, he had quite a few accidents but we kept trying to take him to the potty every 15min as I was told that is how it worked. Unfortunately, my boys play at their own rules, we extended the time to 30min and it worked out so much better. At the same time we were babysitting Superman’s nephew, which put quite a bit of pressure on Cupcake, but I am so thoroughly proud of him for still peeing in the potty.

We used  a sticker chart with Sesame street characters and smarties as incentive, this worked as a charm, only issue was that he was not comfortable to poop. After 7 days I got so concerned that I gave him the pegasus homeopathic constipation remedy and he ended up pooping, at the beach *facepalm* Again, my fault as we were too hasty.

As it was the holidays, we stayed home for 3 days just to allow Cupcake to adjust to not wearing a nappy, once he was able to use the potty less frequently, from 15min intervals to hourly intervals, we ventured outdoors. I did also notice that we could not carry a potty seat around all the time *germs* and we had to teach Cupcake how to use the big toilet and not fall in.

Not forgetting to mention that we had to manage toilet flushing and hand washing as Cape Town is in a drought, but we had to instill proper toilet structure as he is going to be using it for a very long time.

Thus with constant reassurance, rewards, consistency and a bucket load of patience, not forgetting main a pee stained carpets, Cupcake is now able to use the big toilet on his own. If i can give anyone advice, be patient, don’t rush it and try to be calm and make it fun.

Yes, it sucks to clean pee out of a carpet at 3am in the morning, yes, toddler poop smells like where poop goes to die twice, but it is the most rewarding for them as it really builds on their confidence and makes them more independent. Not to mention the savings on nappies lol.

Have an awesome weekend!

Always with Love & Peace



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