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It’s Friday! And even though the weekend is finally here, I am literally counting down the hours till I get to see my family! Not forgetting that I can actually just Netflix and Chill once the boys are in bed, and no, not what you think that means, actually just chill and watch Netflix cause I am exhausted af.

I came across the promo for the series “Working Moms” and I was like YEAY! Finally a show about my peoples that I could relate to, while also maybe giving people a better insight into what being a working mom is all about.

Soooo, I binged a few episodes of season 1 and was disappointed. Like proper disappointed; but let’s look at some of the highlights.

So the storyline follows four very different thirty-something working mothers and friends as they try to balance their jobs, family life and love life in modern day Toronto, Canada. They are at the end of their maternity leave and struggling with the balance between working/ being a mom/ being a wife.

I loved that this was the premise for the show, with both boys I struggled largely with this balance. In reality you won’t ever get it right, BUT you learn to prioritise better and you cut yourself some slack in that you realize that even SuperMommy needs a break sometimes.

The show covered lots of very pertinent topics, from Post Partum Depression, to finding yourself after kids, rebuilding on relationships with your significant other and even breastfeeding struggles. The pumping scenes were hilarious in that it showed how difficult it could be, and you really understand the heartbreak when the main character, Kate, struggles to breastfeed one night after she discovers that her nanny has been giving her son formula. For working moms this struggle is all too real, I had both boys on mixed feeding because my supply was not strong enough to express but i could breastfeed at night with ease. What I also really loved was the struggle of finding care for your kids once you go back to work and how difficult it can be to leave them in someone’s care, the cast is amazingly funny however I found myself wanting to cry a bit at certain points in an episode.

Before I get into why I found it disappointing, I do understand that the premise of the show was to focus on the moms and not too much the children, BUT, the relationship with the children is a necessary part of the story process, and I felt that this was more of an afterthought and it didn’t show much in terms of how the women evolved as Working Moms. The children are what make us moms, how they grow is how we evolve and our involvement with them is a huge compass into who we become.

Another aspect that bugged me was the portrayal of the dads, they all completely supportive, but are one dimensional characters who all end up having affairs or get cheated on. HOLD. THE.DAMN.BUS. That cannot be the only narrative for dads out there who have wives/partners who work. They could have included another side of dads who are more involved and faithful despite the change of having kids, show their growth in terms of helping out more and loving their kids. Don’t even get me started on the stay at home dads portrayal, despite being a completely hands on dad who completely fulfilled that role despite having a wife who worked, they made him out to be a moron. *insert multiple facepalms*

Another aspect that bugged me was the fact that all the women were male energies. They craved a life filled with career pre-children, which can be true, however when they chose their children their lives fell apart. Again that made me cringe because it is possible to have stable kids while working, but the show really did not even focus on that.  Instead the focus was on career and sex, and realistically, not one of them are ever tired. LIKE HOW!?!?!? Like tired is such a huge part of me these days that when I’m not tired I actually start getting worried,lol.

So this is just my take on the show, have you watched it out on Netflix yet? If you have, drop me a comment. Let me know if you loved it or what you think the show could have showed more of.


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