Should 2 become 3??

Hi everyone,

Hope that you all are amazing and enjoying the fact that it is Friday and we are sliding into the weekend like heeeeeey!!!

Lately I have been feeling a bit broody, seeing so many babies and seeing how well the boys have been getting along, has really made me feel like maybe we should add to the pit crew……but then my kids do something crazy and I’m like NOPE.

Over the weekend I had a conversation with some family members and they told me that I was selfish and that I would regret not wanting more than 2 children. Although I know my stance on the issue, it still stung when they told me that I would regret it, because I feel justified in knowing why I am pretty much happy with my two boys.

Superman has a hectic work schedule that is super unpredictable, which is probably why you hardly see him on my instafeed, but he is an amazing hands-on dad that I can depend on, but the fact that his job means that he cant always be there means that it isn’t always possible, thus meaning that I have to guard the stations solo which is sometimes challenging.

Add to that the fact that I see parenthood as a helluva responsibility, like the baby-making process and pregnancy is the fun part, but being responsible for raising decent human beings, that’s the hard part. I always thought that I would be this super career woman who had her kids all sorted, but I realized that my priorities needed to change a bit. Yes I try my best at work, but my family is my core and they deserve all my love and attention. Right now I feel that another baby would be selfish, I’m trying to find the balance on how to be a good parent and that means putting in actual effort because I sure as hell am not going to half-ass being a parent, it’s the one job I’m actually good at,lol.

Not forgetting adding that I am only now trying to look after myself as well, because being a healthy mommy is the only way that I can achieve this goal.

Whats your take on the matter?

Always with Love & Peace



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