Terrible Two’s & Working Mom Guilt

Hi everyone!

Parenting is TOUGH. Yes, I’m running straight out the gates with this one, faster than Wayde Van Niekerk.

I left home this morning a sopping heap of tears and tissues because I was just at my wits end with Cupcake and I was so tired. From being super restless during the night to not wanting to do anything this morning, no porridge, no yoghurt, and wanting to play outside in the cold wearing no socks, Cupcake was at the height of being a Terrible Two. If tantrums were a train then my home was it’s station.

Where was my sweet baby? They say that at this developmental stage then toddlers learn independence, but coupled with the inability to truly relay how they feel, that’s when it starts to get a bit chaotic.

I tend to be the bad cop when he has such episodes, and everyone else the good cop. I say no, then there is always someone saying yes. This really makes it that much harder to establish consistence in terms of setting boundaries because Cupcake is getting so many mixed signals.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not constantly shrieking at him not to do things, in the very least I don’t want to turn into one of those parents who need to become completely psychotic each time their child does something. As I think that it is very tiring and I am learning to pick my battles during this very “trying” phase in Cupcakes life.

So this morning was just one of those meltdown moments when I was just as tired as he was, I felt just exhausted and I was just so completely overwhelmed by it before I even had a chance to have a morning shot of caffeine.

Inevitably I felt like if parenting was an exam then I was failing at it, and my first guilt goes to the fact that I am not only a full-time mom but a full-time working mom at that. Then I question the logic behind me working, and so in creeps the tiny voices of family members who gave me a rough time when I decided to go back to work, thus the guilt trip starts. A long arduous trip of guilt because I work too hard and am home too little.

Superman constantly tells me that being the bad cop is a good thing because I’m the one who always get extra hugs and kisses unlike all the good cops that Cupcake is surrounded with. On one hand I feel that he makes a great point, on the other hand then I want to resign; effective immediately.  Because being a parent in today’s age already has so much pressures, that I feel that it is necessary for parents to team up and be consistent in raising good decent kids.

What also doesn’t help is when those who already have kids who are grown, want to allow your kid to do something that I am pretty sure they would not have allowed their own kids to do? I may be pushing against the very fabric of parenthood here but its a full time job on its own, so it should be common sense not to encourage terrible behavior in other kids, don’t you agree?

Ultimately I am truly trying my best to figure out how to be a positive parent in Cupcakes life, I know that this will mean that there are going to be many moments when he might dislike me very much. However I would rather he love me afterwards for guiding him, than hate me for not.

How are you handing toddlerhood?

Always with Love & Peace,




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