The Big Bad Bully

Hi Everybody,

Hope that you all are doing fantastic! So I have been considering this topic for a while but with the outcome of the US Elections, I figured hey, what a perfect topic to discuss! Not forgetting to mention the surfacing of some really horrifying videos showing key examples thereof. What is this harrowing topic? BULLYING & SELF-WORTH.

Ah yes, the one reason I truly hated  high school, not to mention being such a prime a target, awkward, introvert, nerdy and wearing glasses! I was a bully’s dream target.

Thinking back now, I can still tell you exactly what was said, by whom and where I was when it happened. Luckily for me, it never got physical, sad to say that that deems me to be one of the lucky ones.

My bullies were also not the thickset, badass ones you saw on TV, mine were the popular ones on school, the loudmouths in class and even shifted over into some family. I can clearly hear the comments: “why’s your calves so weird?” “you getting really fat hey!” “I’m into pretty girls and you just not one of them” “your skin looks like a lunchbar” “you the ugly friend hey?” “If only your face matched the rest of you” “you kinda pretty without your glasses” “you just think you better than everyone else because you have better grades” “you not very clever” “you going to die alone with all your cats” “your skin looks really bad hey” “your teeth are so skew” “why must you walk so funny” “your jeans are too tight, they show all your fat rolls”

When you constantly hear these things, it does make you question your self-worth on so many levels. However, it took lots of self-discovery and support from my family (and Superman) for me to start silencing these voices.

That journey in itself was not easy, even today, when I feel a bit emotionally drained, I find myself slumping back into that dark space of doubt; but I am able to pull myself together for the sake of my family. They are truly my saviours in the sense that they remind me of the good I have in my life, and that is the lesson that I want to carry on to my children one day.

That even when you have someone come at you with a sledgehammer intending to break you down, you keep standing up and believing in yourself; that you remember the support structure of your family to assure you that no matter what you face, you will get through it.

It took me too long to get to that point (I blame my stubbornness on that) but I managed to get there. Heck, I can actually walk past a bully now and greet them with a smile, it’s funny how it usually gets a very surprised look out of them though lol.

That being said, this journey is a continuous one, there will always be someone who thinks that they are better, smarter, richer or faster than you are. They will try to break you down so that they are able to feel better about themselves or for some other reason.

Don’t allow them to! You keep being you, and as long as you are doing the best for you then nobody can judge you for that. Be different, there is no fun in normalcy, and when you find yourself falling, do a fancy flip and keep going.

I will always try my best to teach my children that I may not always be able to catch them when they fall, but I will teach them to fly in the tumbles of the wind.

Always with Love & Peace,



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