Part 4: The Big Moment

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So a quick back track to my previous article, Superman & I were on our way to the Labour Ward at 1:30am in the morning. I must say, I never realized how tranquil our city was at that time of the morning, everything was so calm, so silent, the sky was filled with so many stars, and it was just so amazing.

As we got to the hospital, the parking had closed for the night, so Superman was left to park at the trauma section and then take me in. As we walked in, he very calmly told the orderly that I was in labour. I was placed into a wheelchair, into an elevator and ding! Onto the labour floor, now bear in mind I had been calling the labour ward constantly only to be told that I should come in when my contractions were 3min apart. So I was quite “perturbed” when after telling the nurse how far along I was that she responded with a : hey, you could have come in sooner. *insert table flip*

She quickly hooked my belly up to a machine that measures contractions, I was put into a hideous hospital gown and then she checked and saw that I was only 2cm dilated.

Can I just quickly add that at this point it becomes quite violating to be exposed in such a way with nurses checking you all the time, but you also realize that it is all part and parcel of the process at that moment so it doesn’t really phase you.

3am quickly became 4am, then 5am, and then before I knew it, the sun was rising and it was a beautiful day outside. At 6:30am the anesthetist came in for another mommy further down the hall, so the nurse matter of factly states that he might as well administer my epidural since he was in the area.

Leaning onto Superman while a rather huge needle was stuck into my back, I was starting to get really hungry, like seriously, like why aren’t they feeding me? How am I expected to push a watermelon out a key hole if I don’t have food in my system? Alas, all I was fed was ice, ice baby (sorry, I had to).

At about 11:00am my gynae informed me that he was due in surgery soon and that he would be handing me over to the care of his partner. A very jovial chap, he checked me and said that I was 8cm dilated and baby was due in any moment. By this time Superman had taken a nap, gone to get him something to eat (I wasn’t very happy about that) and the nurses had already changed shifts for the day.

Just after 12:30am I got the news that no OCD person ever wants to hear, my birth plan was definitely not going to go as planned. I had only dilated to 9cm, baby was lying face up and had gone into distress; in no uncertain terms was I going to give birth naturally, they had prepped a theater for me, and I needed to have an emergency caesarean in order to get Cupcake out.

I immediately bawled my eyes out, this was not what I had wanted, I never planned for this, I mean in my mind that would be cheating. I prayed for some guidance, cried at how much I didn’t want them to do it, but Superman just wiped my tears and was my voice of reason.

Can I just point out that he was truly my rock throughout my entire labour, even went I asked him to just keep quiet and screamed at him to stop telling me to breathe; he just held my hand and stood firm.

At 12:50am, Superman was given scrubs and told to change, my epidural had worn out quite significantly at this point, but I knew that I really had no choice and this had to be done in order to ensure that Cupcake was going to be okay.

As they wheeled me into theatre, the mood was quite joyous; I was lifted over to the table and was told I would feel just a tugging sensation. Unable to see beyond the screen covering my bottom half from my top, I felt a heavy pulling sensation on my stomach and then what felt like someone trying to turn my insides out, a heavy gushing pain and then nothingness.

At 1pm, 15th September 2014, all I heard was the sounds of my lil baby, tears streaming down my and Superman’s face, he kept telling me how well I did, and then as they took Cupcake away to be weighed with Superman, amidst the bustle, I felt like I was on the cusp of death. Not a terrible feeling, just this overwhelming calm that if I were to fade away, that it would be okay cause Cupcake was going to be okay.

At this point Cupcakes paediatrician came over to wish me on a healthy baby boy, and then she frowned and asked how I was feeling. I just blurted out that I was in immense pain; she quickly spoke to the anesthetist who then gave me something in my IV.

As they put Cupcake on my skin, I couldn’t help stare in amazement at how perfect he was, so tiny, and with Superman at my side, he truly turned my life upside down in the most amazing, magical way possible.

And so my journey to mommyhood began.

Hope you all enjoyed this post,

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  1. Celeste says:

    Welcome to to being a Mommy. Well done and congratulations!

    1. DragonMommy says:

      Thank you Celeste!

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