The Invisible Workload Killing Working Moms

Asalaams Everyone!

I know that I have blogged a super long time ago, but I am no longer making excuses, I love this blog and everything that it stands for but yo, a girl has to work, and balance her home and try to keep her ish in order so I could not make the blog a priority even though I really wanted to.

The past few weeks of my life have probably been the most hectic, pressure at work has been insane, Superman has been working crazy shifts which in turn means that I have to hold fort at home a little more than usual, and with Ramadaan being in full swing, physically and emotionally it has taken a bit of a toll on me.

Thus me introducing a new topic, “The Invisible Workload”, now you are probably wondering what exactly I’m talking about so let me explain. You get home from work, you start picking up random toys, clothes that are laying around and pack them away. You move to the kitchen and you realize its almost supper time, so you take something out the freezer to defrost, you think about all the items you need for supper, and you move to the washing machine to put on a load of laundry. The kids start to fuss, so you help them take out toys to play with while Storybots play on TV in the background. You forgot to make the beds when you dashed out this morning for work, so you quickly give them a shake off and pull them straight. Since you in the rooms, you take your kids clothes out for the following day, along with their pyjamas, with a quick check of the weather, you prepare their bags as well.

You move to the kitchen, put a pot on the stove with onions to braise, start packing away the dishes and then prepare the ingredients for the nights meal. You call the kids for supper, and finally sit down for a bite to eat. After supper you prepare coffee while you clear off the nights dishes, then hang up a load of laundry, get the kids into a bath and prepped for bed, story time, bedtime, fold away laundry time, etc,etc.

Sound familiar?

This is the invisible workload I’m talking about, all the little things that you need to see to that does not often get noticed. Many will say, but then get help, realistically speaking, most households cannot afford constant help and even though you tend to relent on certain things, the reality of the situation is that these are things that need to get done.

Most working moms are so beyond mentally, physically and emotionally exhausted from having to see to this workload that they often feel like they cannot cope. They feel overwhelmed and in turn it affects their children because as little as they are, they definitely can feel when we are not okay.

I am here to let you all know that it is okay to feel like this, you are not alone. I try my best to rope in as much of my support as I can, like my mom and Superman where he can, but there are moments when I feel like it is too much. As difficult as it can be, I have tried to actually just take a moment to stop and pull myself towards myself.

A big help for me lately has been listening to Conscious Meditation in the car and playing it for my kids before bedtime. It truly helps me loads in terms of bringing my mind to a calmer stream of thinking, and reminding myself to breathe, as silly as that sounds it is something we all forget when we get busy.

So to all working moms out there that feel that things are crazy and they can’t anymore, IT IS GOING TO BE OKAY. YOU ARE AMAZING! YOU ARE DOING YOUR BEST! WELL DONE!


Always with Love & Peace





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