The Purpose of Ramadaan in 2018

Asalaams everyone,

We have passed the 15 day mark of the holy month of Ramadaan and alghamdulilah, it has gone by so beautifully, I really feel like this month has such a sense of magic to it, that one cannot help but caught up in its nostalgia.

Growing up, Ramadaan was always magical for us, we would help my granny bake, the smell of butter biscuits permeating the house, the sound of the athaan (call to prayer) going off in the distance, then hurriedly eating so we could tag along with my grandfather to taraweegh (late evening prayers) because we knew that he would stop at the Grand Parade in Cape Town and buy us strawberry milkshakes.

That being said, this year I tried a different approach to Ramadaan, the boys are older and I really wanted them to get the feel of the month, so we set up some decorations in the dining room and I bought them some books from Suhayla Kids that gave a kid-friendly explanation on the month.

See, when I was younger it was a little easier, Ramadaan came a little more naturally as my grandmother’s were always there to kind of ring the month in.When you on your own, it’s just not the same, but I was blessed with having my mom with us this year thus the extra effort.

Fast forward to the commercial side of things and it has completely done my head in. I braved Canal Walk on Saturday with my kids, first off, I made a rookie mistake by taking two kids who were hungry and tired to a mall that was ridiculously full. Cupcake cried for toys and Dumpling needed to feed so that was totally on me. On Sunday, since I couldn’t find what I needed the previous day, I braved N1 City mall sans children and I realized that I was selfish.

Parents were frantically shopping for eid clothes, scolding at kids for running around, babies were crying in prams, it was a scene out of a post-apocalyptic era gone mad. Queues were snaking out of stores, people were grumpy and trolleys were full.

See, I was selfish in expecting my kids to sit entirely still for almost 3 hours while I shopped, after 3 hours on my own the Sunday, I was already gatvol of being in a mall, so how didn’t they feel?

Not to mention the amount of money spent on eid clothes?!! I have spent time pouring through local designers instagram accounts looking for outfits and not only are the prices exorbitant, but the designs were covered in bold prints, many layers, bling bling and it was just too much for me. Don’t get me wrong, if you feel you need to buy an outfit of R2000 then do you booboo, these designers have really gorgeous fashion and with the price of fabric, marketing, labour, overheads, etc. I fully understand why they cost so much……BUT

Are we not deviating from the true purpose of the month by overindulging in such opulence for one day? I stood with my trolley on Sunday, after I was done shopping and I felt this knot in my stomach, not from hunger, but realizing that this month is meant to signify sacrifice, yes the day of Eid is a day of festivities and we should celebrate, but should we not also be focusing on doing more for others instead?

Then just this morning I received an appeal from Darun Naim Orphanage and I think I found a cause worth helping this Ramadaan, I have assisted before but figured hey, this blog could do more than just be a place to share my thoughts, lets do some good. So if you feel like assisting or sending any form of contributions to this organisation, then please contact the details below. 🙂

Nabi Muhammad SAW said: “I and the person who looks after an orphan will be in Paradise together like this…” – then he raised his forefinger and middle finger together. [Source: Ṣaḥīḥ al-Bukhārī 5659]

Contribute your Zakah or Sadaqah to this worthy cause.

💳 Banking Details
Nedbank Current Acc
Acc Num: 1027930700
Branch code: 10110900

Facebook: Darun Naim Orphanage

📱Contact us
For further information contact:

Ml Gosyn Arnolds _(House parent)_ 021 762 6352

Abbas Jamie _(Administration)_ 082 411 7012

Abdurahmaan Abrahams_(Finance)_ 065 948 1914

Always with Love & Peace




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