Thoughts I had when watching Bad Moms

Salaam & Hello everybody!

Hope those who celebrated Eid ul Adha had a beautiful and blessed day, and to those who didn’t celebrate, hope you had an awesome Monday! 🙂 I am currently having trifle for breakfast because hey, its a sin to waste food and the trifle was just there,lol.

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to watch Bad Moms with my sister in law and her girl friends and OMG! I laughed so hard that I literally felt my stomach muscles hurt, bar the profanity and moments of crassness, the movie actually made a few good points.

*If you haven’t watched the movie yet, I will be revealing some spoilers so you have been warned*

I related so hard to the main character, Amy (played my Mila Kunis), well, apart from having a douche-y husband, she’s a hardworking career mom who is really just trying her best to give her family the best life possible, even if it means stretching herself a little thin. When ultimately she reaches a breaking point and decides that enough is enough, henceforth, some funny lessons that came to mind when I watched this movie. 🙂


1.) I should stop running around at work like a headless chicken, yes, I need to get my work done, but why should it be done in such a way that it leaves me feeling like a runner after the Comrades? Work is work, as long as I do my job well and just admit that their are moments when I cannot get to everything, then I will be less out of breath at the end of the day.

2.) Mommy’s NEED ME TIME! I felt so guilty just going out to watch this movie as I haven’t been out alone since having Cupcake, bar a few family/blogging functions, that I kind of forgot about me. You get so busy with work and home that you forget that you also need a personal break, I’m not saying party all the time, but even something as simple as getting your hair done, going for a massage, it is so vital to remember that while we are looking after everyone that we need to look after us too.

3.) Couple’s need to DATE again after having a baby. I’ve mentioned before what an immense impact a baby makes to ones life, which is an amazing blessing, but in the same breath, you need to find time out for each other too. Superman and I have decided to start ‘dating’ again because we also need some some moments of us time. It’s not necessarily a going out for the night type of date, but when we got married we said that we would go on Date Nights atleast once a month, and it’s been almost 2 years, so we are in lieu of a few days.

4.) I need new bras *lol* But seriously, when Amy got made fun of for her mom bra I realized that I owned the same thing *gasp* And this is sad because I stopped breastfeeding sooooo long ago, so I think its time that I get me pretty underwear again.

5.) Its okay to not have it all together some days, whether you a stay at home mom, single mom or a working mom. Parenthood is not meant to be perfect, if you are a perfect mom then I *gets off* will seriously *stands on chairs* give you a standing ovation right now *claps very loudly then stops cause this chair isn’t that stable*. 

6.) You will get it wrong sometimes, I always said that motherhood is like working through a series of elimination when it comes to figuring out your kids. Yes, sometimes you get out at the wrong result, but hey, the fact that you trying your hardest each day to make you kids live special even when you not sure you have it all together yourself, is proof enough that you are being an awesome mom.

7.) Dads need to chip in. End of Story, I left this movie with such an immense gratitude for having Superman in my life. Not only was he looking after Cupcake that night, but overall, he is such a hands on dad. *Case in point, the main character Amy ends up with the hot dad and I did too 🙂 BONUS,lol*

Hope you all enjoyed this random post to bring on some giggles 🙂

Always with Love & Peace



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