Traffic Tips with Toddlers

Asalaams Everyone!

Compliments of the season! Hope that your holiday was filled with many festive memories and laughter, I contemplated what my first post for 2018 should be when I realized that schools officially start next week. This means that it is back to the nightmare that is Cape Town traffic with my toddlers *collective groan of agony*

However, its not all doom and gloom, as a family we have come up with some tips on how to survive the daily road trip without wanting to scream at each other, so here goes:

1.) Bring snacks!

The most important tip there is, my toddlers love snacking, Superman loves it and so do I. Bearing in mind that certain snacks need some forethought to ensure that the car isn’t in constant ruins. Examples would be provita biscuits, rice cakes, popcorn, fruit or biscuits. As Dumpling is a bit older, we can include more items as before it would just be smushed into the car and that is just gross. Happy tummys means happy toddlers which equals happy driving.

2.) Bring water.

When traffic is standing still, it somehow automatically makes one thirsty, I try to refill the boys bottles or atleast ensure that I have some cold bottled water in the car. Again, I need to be a bit cautious with Dumpling as he one day decided to open said bottle and I had one soggy baby in a soggy carseat. Not cool.

3.) Play games

In the beginning our phones would be the only distraction whilst in traffic, the problem with that is many fold, data gets chowed, reception gets lost, attention is zoned out and the phone gets carried into the house, then we decided that enough was enough. Instead we sing songs, count cars or identify trucks on the road. It takes some interaction but it makes the car ride a lot more enjoyable.

4.) Bring toys

We try small plush toys or cars to keep the boys entertained, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, all depends on the mood for the morning lol.

5.) Invest in car seats!

I cannot stress this point enough, when driving alone, the last thing you want to worry about is your child jumping up and down on the back seat or opening up doors, not to mention how unsafe it is to travel that way. After having Cupcake, I realized the importance of having him comfortably strapped in, not to mention how much peace of mind it gives me knowing that they are safely buckled in. Yes it requires some effort, but it is definitely worth it as an investment for their safety. If you would love more information on different car seats, Mandy-Lee Miller has the most amazing campaign running called #carseatfullstop follow the link at

Best of luck & happy travelling everyone 🙂

Always with Love & Peace


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