What 5 years of Marriage has taught me

Hi everyone,

Hope that everyone is enjoying the super confusing weather that we have been having in Cape Town lately, I on the other hand, am loving the brief spurts of rain, although I do wish that I could spend that time under the covers.

Last month Superman and I celebrated our 5 year wedding anniversary, and it kind of got me thinking as to how different life is now in comparison to my pre-Superman days, so yes, I thought up a list on a few things that 5 years of marriage has taught me.

1. Your definition of romantic gestures changes

Pre-marriage, things like flowers, teddys, etc. will make you swoon, during marriage, that is kinda the last thing that you want, not to say that I don’t love getting such gifts though. But coming home to a clean house, or seeing Superman do the dishes or when he tells me that he did all the laundry *SWOON* now that! Is like just super romantic!

2. You don’t have to physically spend time together all the time

I remember when Superman and I were dating, we would spend almost every single weekend together, and still try to squeeze in some time during the week. Now, with the boys and work, it’s not always possible, but we even appreciate just being in the same space when we get a chance to, even if that space is in totally different rooms.

3. You learn to work as a team

I doubt we would ever win The Amazing Race, because Superman doesn’t feel the need to ask for directions, but if ever I needed a team mate who had my back then it would be him. Whether it’s getting the boys into bed, prepping supper or going grocery shopping, we can work like a well oiled machine.


One minute you lovingly staring at your partner, thinking how amazing he is, then he starts snoring and you wondering how long it will take for him to stop breathing if you put a pillow over his face. In our home, sleep is like currency, we both need it and will go to amazing lengths to ensure that we both well rested.

5. You stop sweating the small stuff

Except when tired *read No.4* so the odd plate not being in its place, a dirty cup next to the sink, you realize its not worth fussing over.

6. The small stuff can also drive you crazy

Especially when tired *read No.4* that odd place that is not in its place, that dirty cup that is a mere few cms aways from the sink, will drive you so up the wall that you will want to throw your partner with a baseball bat.

7. My husband dadding is the sexiest thing ever

I never knew the extent of how much I loved my husband until he became a dad, whenever Superman is with the boys, whether it be rolling on the floor with them or trying to catch them so they can put on clothes, it is just the most sexiest picture on the planet when he is being a dad and spending time with the boys.

8. You find silly things to laugh about

Superman and I probably have the driest humour all round, that will sometimes leave us crying with laughter. I also realize that we are both total dumbasses sometimes and that to the outside world it looks like we have some issues *we really do, its called sleep deprivation due to having 2 kids under the age of 3*

9. Food is Love

This one doesn’t need much explaining, but whenever we feel like either cheering each other up or celebrating, or cause we bored, then food is usually involved. Whether it be Superman surprising me with Cinnabon, or me surprising him with Nandos, food is love.

10. You will sometimes wonder what if

Whenever it comes around to our anniversary or any special occasion, then Superman and I both joke that we should get upgraded models of each other, but in the same breath, realize that relationships, marriage in itself is such a lot of work. It requires time, love, wanting to push each other off a cliff, but whenever I look at him, and I think to myself, “omg, am I really stuck with you forever?”, I realize that I wouldn’t want it any other way. 😊


Always with love & Peace




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