What Type of Mom am I?

Hey everyone!

It has been the longest time but I just needed a break from blogging for a while, after my last post I decided to really evaluate whether I wanted to be a blogger. Adding to that just cementing my acceptance that not being a major blogger is okay for me, my priority lies with my audience and I’m okay with that. 🙂

Back to the tea though….

As young woman we all have some idea of the type of mom’s we want to be when we grow up. In my mind I wanted to be a career mom who had it all figured out, who also indulged in fitness sessions but baked cupcakes for school while simultaneously running her home like a well-oiled machine.

Then I became a mom and that idea has shifted ever so much, how so? I don’t really feel much like a mom, like the day the boys were born, I assumed it would be like that scene in Cinderella, I would be encircled by magic dust and ta-da!! Mother was born. Ok fine, I’m being dramatic about the magic dust (side note: the moment my boys were born was actual magic though)

So what type of mom am I? A bit of a mix really, like a well made breyani, and that’s actually really awesome.

I’m the soccer mom who loves school drop-off, being part of the PTA, sitting up late at night to bake cupcakes for his Cupcake day and even finding time to partake in his extra-mural activities to support Cupcake on.

I’m also the career mom, pushing a demanding work schedule and finding the balance between work and home, juggling schedules whilst managing to come home and do whatever needs to be done while trying to ensure everyone eats healthy and brushes their teeth.

I’m also the crazy mom, the one who is always rushing to get to work cause shes late, the one who walks around with a jersey inside out and realizes it once shes in an important meeting, the one who has 5 loads of laundry and tries to ignore it by looking away everytime she passes it, the one who uses her Batman voice when the kids drive her a little crazy, not forgetting the one who facepalms and eye rolls soooo much that it may be a medical condition.

Lastly I’m the nerdy crafty mom, who believes in magic, who will sit and craft on the floor, bake cookies, pretend to be chased by dragons and ultimately read stories till bed time.

So yeah, not exactly as planned, but I think that’s what truly makes being a parent a whole journey on its own. Like having to plan for something but not knowing how each day is going to turn out, but not planning means you are totally stuffed.

Anywho, that’s my little bit for the day! What type of mom are you?

Always with Love & Peace,




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