When babies cry….

Hi everyone!

I know I haven’t posted in such a long time, however, life happened and I literally couldn’t post if I really wanted to, but! I will be posting today and then regularly from then on… scouts honor!

Just a quick update, Cupcake has now surpassed baby and entered into the dreaded toddler realm, which has been quite the adventure for Superman and I.

Remember when your mom tells you that she hopes that your kids turn out like you? Well, my parents said just that and Cupcake definitely got his mama’s stubbornness to boot. However, I keep reminding him that like in the game of survivor, I will outwit, outlast and outplay him because I have been stubborn for longer than he has, lol.

On the other end, it has really been challenging for me as a parent to ascertain how his feeling when he does have a bit of a crying meltdown. Don’t get me wrong, Cupcake is seriously the most independent kid out there, and he is just as chilled as his dad, but the rare moments when his not like that, is pretty different for me.

I am in no way the confrontational type, and I cannot stand being the bad guy, but I also know that I need to be firm in those moments when he tests his limits. Lets take this past Saturday as an example, Cupcake naps around 11:30am everyday, but on weekends, he naps at about 2pm. When it was 3pm and he was fighting to keep his eyes open, I realised something was off. Then came the constant crying and wanting to be held, then not wanting to be held, then wanting a book, then wanting a cup, but not that cup, and it was this battle of me trying to find out what he wanted and him trying to explain to me, which ultimately led to a complete miscommunication.

Then I did something I never should have done, I yelled at him to tell me what he wanted, and he completely started sobbing….my heart sank there and then. He stopped crying and hugged me tightly, I cried and told him how sorry I was for yelling, and that mommy got frustrated which was wrong. We sat down and he fell asleep.

When he woke up,he showed me that his stomach was sore, and that was when I realized that as a parent, we need to keep ourselves in check just as much as we want to keep our little ones in check. As sometimes, they too get frustrated with trying to tell us something and it comes off as a tantrum, but is instead frustration from not being able to get the message across.

I seriously thank Superman for being the calm in the storm, because he is my oft reminder to sometimes just be the fun parent, and Cupcake is my reminder to love freely and listen, because sometimes I live very fast paced life and I need to learn to slow down.

Always with Love & Peace




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